All of the chews in this category have an extension that’s long and slender enough to reach the back molars. That’s where chewing is usually needed the most, and where you’ll get the most sensory input to the jaw.

NEXT STEP:  Choose which design(s) you most like 

The textured options (Brick Stick, Guitar, Textured Grabber, Y-Chew) are great for sensory seekers.  Looking for the largest necklace? The Bite Saber necklace is the longest at 101 mm long.  Not sure which one to get?  When in doubt, go with the Krypto-Bite - it’s a crowd pleaser that’s popular with both boys and girls, kids and adults.

LAST STEP:   Choose your toughness level

All of our chew tools come in 3 color-coded toughness levels (standard, XT, and XXT).

We always recommend starting with the standard level, unless the person chews through / causes damage to things they currently chew on (chews holes in shirts, chews through pencils, etc.).  In that case the tougher XT (“Extra Tough”) level will likely hold up to that better.  

XXT (“Extra Extra Tough”) is usually the longest lasting level for avid chewing.  But, XXT is fairly rigid, so we only recommend starting off with XXT if you know you / your child chews likes chewing on pretty tough items, or can chew through pretty tough items (like legos, hard plastic toys, wood, etc.).