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We at Sensory Stand are the ultimate source for premium anxiety rings at amazing prices. Our unique rings are handcrafted by artisans from all over the globe and are ethically made from sterling silver or stainless steel. Some of them are exclusive to our store; you won't find them anywhere else in Australia.

You can wear our spinner rings non-stop without the fear that they'll tarnish after a few months, rust or turn your finger green. They don't contain any nickel or lead, making them safe to wear for individuals who are allergic to these metals.

Our anxiety rings are a great way to deal with anxious thoughts and relieve stress. Wearing a spinner ring you'll be able to fiddle stylishly and receive compliments on how stunning you look while having an ally by your side to help fight off anxiety and stress. It's like having your little friend that you can take anywhere for some calming company.

An elegant anxiety ring is a must-have addition to your jewellery collection. Our shop has something for every taste and budget: from sterling silver beaded rings to multi-colour sparkly stainless steel spinning rings and rings with rotatable tops.

If you're after a present and you're not sure about her ring size, an adjustable ring is a perfect choice. Our fidget rings collection features rings from sizes 4 to 13 and adjustable rings. Our anxiety rings are packed in elegant organza bags, ready for gifting.

Engraved anxiety rings

If you were looking for an engraved ring for her, look no further than our shop. You can personalize a ring to show how much you care about someone special. An engraved spinner ring is an exquisite piece of jewellery that makes the perfect gift to celebrate any occasion and will last forever.

How to use a fidget ring to calm stress, stop nail biting and skin picking

When you start feeling anxious, begin moving the beads on your fidget ring or spinning the outer band while taking long, deep breaths. For each inhalation & exhalation, move one bead or spin the outer band once. Then inhale and exhale again and move another bead. Soon, your body will start to relax, and you'll experience a calm, meditative state. Anxiety and stress will melt away.

You can do this with one hand: place the anxiety ring on your middle or index finger and move the beads with the thumb.

Or you can use both hands if you'd like: place the anxiety ring on any finger and move the beads back and forth with two fingers, using your thumb and another finger.

Dermatillomania is one of the ways anxiety presents itself and can affect any part of the body. Our spinner rings will help you grow nails again and stop picking your skin. The beads are designed to give you a point of focus, moving them being an excellent grounding technique, distracting you from absent-mindedly picking at your cuticles, nails, or skin.

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A spinner ring may help adults and children with ADHD

A fidget ring is an essential tool that provides emotional support to thousands of people in Australia. It is a great way for people suffering from anxiety, ADHD and other mental health conditions to help themselves feel more in control. The soothing weight of the ring distractingly twirls as you go about your daily life-giving hours' worth of relief without any side effects!

People with ADHD focus better on the task at hand when they can twiddle. While at home, you can fiddle with your anti-anxiety toys to keep your hands busy. But you cannot bring your favourite fidget spinner to the office or school. Wearing a discreet and stylish piece of jewellery is an excellent solution. No one will know that the elegant fidget ring on your finger helps with anxiety and focus.

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Fidget ring review
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