Toothbrushes with soft bristles

Brushing teeth is an experience that can challenge the senses. Even adults with sensory processing disorder find it hard to keep up with self-care and proper hygiene. For children with sensory issues, having their teeth brushed can be one of the primary anxiety triggers. Perhaps you do not struggle with sensory sensitivity but battle sensitive teeth, bleeding, swollen or sore gums, and have tried countless toothbrushes, trying to find one that cleans properly while soft enough not to cause even more discomfort. Our manual toothbrushes aren’t like anything you’ve used before: so gentle that makes oral hygiene a pleasure, not something to be dreaded.

What’s so different about Sensory Stand toothbrushes? It’s all in the bristles. Our revolutionary sensory toothbrushes have 20,000 micro-nano bristles, which are only 0.08 mm in diameter, providing the softest touch possible while deeply cleansing your teeth without damaging the enamel. Studies have shown that thinner bristles reach further into the interproximal areas than regular hairs (1.43 mm vs 0.08 mm) for a superior clean that you will see and feel.

Check out these fantastic toothbrushes today! There is something for every taste: kids toothbrush, adult toothbrushes with plastic or bamboo handle. Our bamboo toothbrush is so beautifully crafted and biodegradable. The package is recyclable too. You’ll fall in love with this wooden toothbrush if you’re environmentally conscious.