Honey bear bottle & Flexi Cups

Trying to teach baby to drink from straw? Or having a hard time finding the best cup for an autistic child? Maybe you came across the straw vs sippy cup debate while looking for straw cups for toddlers and realised that occupational therapists recommend straw drinking over sippy cups. No matter which stage you or your child are at, we have got you covered.

The honey bear bottle by Ark Therapeutic is a favourite of speech therapists around the world. The bear bottle is a fun and friendly way to teach babies how to use a straw and make drinking easier for children with oral motor difficulties. The specialists from Ark Therapeutic have equipped the honey bear straw cup with a unique valve at the bottom of the straw that controls the direction of the fluid when the bear bottle is squeezed. The liquid flows up into the straw but does not flow back down.

Once your child is comfortable drinking from a honey bear straw cup, it’s time to teach her how to drink from a normal cup. Ark Therapeutic have a solution for this as well: the nosey cup also known as cut out cup or the flexi cup. It has become a staple for feeding therapy. It is perfect not only for teaching your baby to drink from a cup, but also for babies who need cup feeding in addition to breastfeeding but wouldn't drink from a bottle. The nosey cup has an innovative design that allows individuals to drink without tilting their head back, making it useful for people limited neck/head mobility or the elderly who suffer from dementia. Click on the images below to find out more.