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  • Ark Therapeutic Nosey Cups (Or Flexi Cups) – Pack of 3

    Also known as "Nosey cup" or "Cut Out cup”, the flexi cup is a staple for feeding therapy: perfect for teaching your baby to drink from a cup or for babies who need cup feeding in addition to breastfeeding but wouldn't drink from a bottle. Also great for children with tong-tie, cleft palate, and those who have cerebral palsy or swallowing issues. The cut out innovative design allows individuals to drink without tilting their head back, making it useful for people limited neck/head mobility, the elderly with dementia, or those in nursing homes who can no longer feed themselves.

    This non toxic nosey cup set of 3 is made in the USA of FDA compliant materials. Because it's flexible, it can be squeezed to control and direct the flow of fluid.

    Buy a pack of cut out cups for your loved one today! Or get more to offer them as presents. Your gift will be highly appreciated, as most parents and caregivers are not aware of how useful these cut out cups Australia are until they start using them. 

    There are many reasons why ARK Therapeutic’s baby training cup set is a favorite for parents and caregivers:

    Safe and non-toxic material– ARK's sensory tools are handcrafted in the USA in a family factory in Columbia, South Carolina. Their products meet the highest safety standards! Each nosey cup is made of FDA compliant polyethylene, NO lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, cadmium, or latex.

    Innovative design - the cut-out fits comfortably around the nose when drinking and has round edges. Children can see the liquid as it approaches their lips, so there are no surprises. They can prepare and organise themselves to swallow with minimal spillage. These cut out cups Australia enable many children to overcome difficulties with drinking. Also allows adults with neck strain or other neck problems to drink without using a spouted or lidded cup.

    Translucent, flexible, yet sturdy – the small (pink) and medium (blue) cups can be gently “squeezed” to change the shape of the cup lip and direct fluid to the centre of the mouth. The liquid can be seen through the translucent plastic, allowing the parents and caregivers to control how much liquid is going into the child’s mouth and how quickly they are taking it to make quick adjustments to children’s intake. The green (large) cup is designed for independent use, is stiffer and makes the best training cup for toddler. 

    Easy to clean - hand wash with soapy water; dishwasher safe (top rack).

    Set of 3 cups – the small cup holds 30 mil, the medium 60 mil, and the large 236 mil. These baby glasses will grow with your child.

    This article is really helpful if your child is afraid of cups or straws.