Pop its

Pop its have taken the world by storm. No wonder, since fidget toys help people to pay attention and focus, calm down or work with feelings like anger. Children are no exception. Besides the thrilling popping sound, kids love the pop it fidget. It provides tactile stimulation and auditory feedback while helping with fine motor skills, making them the perfect sensory toys for autistic children.

Our pop its come in a variety of colours, sizes, and shapes. They are so cool that even glow in the dark. So get a pop it for your child today. Keep tiny hands busy, tackle anxiety, and let them pop!

Because we also love all things pop it, we brought in these novel fidget iPad cases for kids. The ingenious combination of the iPad case and the most popular fidget popper effectively protects the tablet against bumps and scratches while providing endless fun for kids.

Don’t have an iPad but have an iPhone? We have got you covered! Our pop it phone case comes in 11 gorgeous rainbow colours and covers 12 iPhone models. The fidget phone case pop it is stylish and will enhance the beauty of your iPhone. It is sure to attract others' attention no matter where you are. So be ready to receive lots of compliments.

Want something more playful for a child or teenager? With shapes inspired by the animal and vegetal worlds, our pop it fidget toy phone case is trendy and will make your iPhone stand out in a unique and creative style.

Fan of Samsung technology? Check out the pop it tablet case for Samsung Galaxy.

The pop it collection not only creates feelings of joy, but our toys also make for a great year-round surprise for boys and girls. Make someone happy with our kid's and adults' fidget toys!