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  • Pop It Bracelet

    Many children are obsessed with pop its and like to carry their favorite fidget toy around. But often the pop it is lost, and kids are upset, and parents have to buy a new. Not anymore! Get your child a wearable pop it. Our pop it bracelet is super convenient for kids as it can be worn around their wrists and not get misplaced.

    The pop it bracelets are made from BPA-free high-quality silicone. They are soft and flexible yet durable. So children can enjoy playing while parents can have the peace of mind that our pop it bracelets fidget is safe and non toxic.

    Being made of silicone, our fidget bracelet pop it can be easily washed/rinsed, and sanitized, which is essential for many parents these days. It can also be UV sterilised or washed in the dishwasher on the top rack.

    Our pop it bracelet is perfect for quiet fidgeting at school or home. Finger pressing relieves pressure and encourages tactile stimulation while improving focus and reducing stress and anxiety. This fidget bracelet pop it is also great for children with ADD /ADHD/OCD/hyperactivity and for redirecting kids from chewing on their clothes, biting nails, or skin picking.

    This fidget bracelet Australia makes an excellent gift for both children and adults. It can be used as a cup mat, pet frisbee, hair elastic. Even as a mold for candy making. Our pop it bracelets are so versatile! 

    For the ultimate fidgeting experience pare this sensory bracelet with a glow in the dark mega jumbo pop it.