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  • Our Story

    Hello, and welcome to The Sensory Stand!

    Our Journey - A Family's Commitment to Joy and Growth

    The Sensory Stand was born out of love, understanding, and the everyday experience of parenting a uniquely talented neurodiverse child named Luca. We are Oana and Constantin, proud parents and founders, who recognized the need for accessible, quality sensory toys and tools to assist others like us on their parenting journeys.

    Located on the beautiful NSW Central Coast, we provide a seamless online shopping experience, shipping locally and interstate, with expedited delivery options to meet urgent needs.

    Our story is built on understanding, not just as a family business but as parents knowing first-hand the challenges and triumphs that come with raising neurodiverse and gifted children. We've dedicated ourselves to assembling a collection of products that are not just effective but resonate with the myriad of needs within our community.

    Core Values - The Heart of Sensory Stand

    At Sensory Stand, our purpose extends far beyond business; it enters the homes and lives of families seeking joy and calm. "Because we care" isn't just a statement—it's our core philosophy. We exist to support not only our child but also every parent and caregiver in the pursuit of nurturing happy, thriving children.

    Customer satisfaction stands at the heart of Sensory Stand. Every product we offer echoes our dedication to fostering meaningful relationships with our customers — from the first click on our website to the joyous laughter of a child. We tirelessly search for innovative and high-quality items that promise competitive value and are completely endorsed by our harshest critic – our son Luca, and his friends.

    What drives us is the vision of delivering exceptional customer service every time. To us, caring means listening intently, responding with warmth, and continually enhancing our product range to meet your evolving needs.

    Origin Story - The Spark That Ignited The Sensory Stand

    Our inspiration stemmed from a simple yet profound challenge—teaching our 8-month-old son to drink from a straw. This endeavor led to the discovery of Diane Bahr's enlightening book, which dramatically shifted our understanding of developmental tools and set us on a path of exploration.

    We became staunch advocates for safe, nontoxic, and developmentally appropriate products after learning the impact that everyday items, such as sippy cups, can have on a child's growth. Our pursuit of excellence led us to ARK's innovative US-made products—a perfect alignment with our values of quality and safety.

    This commitment expanded when we realized the benefit these tools had not only for our son but for other children with various conditions. From anxiety and Sensory Processing Disorder to ADHD and Autism, parents found solace and solutions within our offerings.

    The past two years have been a whirlwind of growth — professionally and personally. Our product range has evolved to cater to the diverse developmental needs of children of all ages and abilities. Each addition to our collection is a testament to our enduring dedication to the community we serve.

    The Sensory Stand isn't just a business—it's a beacon for families navigating the beautiful complexities of neurodiversity. We stand as a testament to perseverance, innovation, and the unwavering belief that every child deserves the best tools to thrive.

    Join us on our mission to ignite potential, one toy, and one smile at a time.

    Visit us at  The Sensory Stand to explore our curated sensory collection.

    For any inquiries or personal stories you'd like to share, please reach out to us at hello@sensorystand.com.au. We're here to listen, support, and grow together.