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  • Z-Vibe® Speech Therapy by Ark

    The Z-Vibe from ARK is a fantastic oral motor tool that offers a multitude of benefits to your speech, feeding, and sensory skills. This innovative device provides diverse sensory experiences in the oral cavity, increasing focus on the tongue, lips, cheeks, and jaw. The Z-Vibe's gentle vibration adds a new level of sensory stimulation to draw attention to one's lips, tongue, cheeks, and jaw while delivering calming, soothing, and organizing effects.

    Designed to offer versatility and flexibility, Ark Z-Vibe has over 35 different tips available in various sizes, textures, and resiliencies. You can transform your goals effortlessly by simply exchanging tips. From spoons to toothbrushes to pencils, this stylish tool can be customized to suit everyone's needs.

    The handle features a sleek, lightweight design that provides a non-slip grip with gentle bumps around the circumference for easy handling. The texture of the handle also allows it to be brushed along the arms, hands, cheeks, and more to encourage additional tactile input.

    The blue Probe Tip on one end and the Switch Tip on the other provide versatility and easy functionality. The Z-Vibe's Probe Tip is ideal for oral motor assessment and development and has a blue hue that makes it stand out on the handle. To turn the device on, twist the Switch Tip located at the opposite end of the handle until the Z-Vibe begins to vibrate.

    With its sleek and innovative design, Ark Z-Vibe offers excellent value for money. It is sold with a switch tip, and a probe tip, and additional tips can be purchased separately. It's suitable for people of all ages and abilities under the guidance of a therapist or caregiver. The fact that it's medical grade, FDA compliant, and made in the USA is a huge plus. It is also free from harmful chemicals such as lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, and latex. This amazing device measures approximately 16 cm in length and less than 2 cm in diameter, making it easy to carry around.

    Ark Therapeutic's Z-Vibe is available in two versions - the plastic option being more affordable, easy to clean, and designed with kids in mind. The aluminium option is slightly heavier, and its cool metal texture can be a sensory experience for some.

    Perfect for individuals of all ages and abilities, we recommend using Ark's Z-Vibe under the guidance of a therapist or a trained caregiver.

    Get your Z-Vibe in Australia today and experience the benefits firsthand!

    What's in the package:
    • one Z-Vibe
    • one Probe tip
    • one special battery that cannot be found in Australian stores