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  • Extra Soft Sensory Nano Toothbrush for Adults (2pcs)

    Do you struggle with sensory sensitivity that makes brushing teeth a challenge? Individuals with sensory issues often dislike the feeling of bristles against their teeth and gums. This revolutionary sensory toothbrush has 20,000 micro-nano bristles, which are only 0.08 mm in diameter, providing the softest touch possible while deeply cleaning your teeth.

    Many of us are battling sensitive teeth, bleeding, swollen or sore gums, and have tried countless toothbrushes, trying to find one that cleans properly while soft enough not to cause even more discomfort. Our tooth brush isn’t like anything you’ve used before: so gentle that makes oral hygiene a pleasure, not something to be dreaded.

    Studies have shown that an extra soft toothbrush does just as good of a job cleaning your teeth as a medium toothbrush and has no negative impact on teeth’s enamel and gums. But this toothbrush is not an ordinary ultra soft toothbrush. It has more and thinner bristles than any other toothbrush on Earth, making it most effective at removing plaque in hard-to-reach areas than other manual toothbrushes. 

    This nano toothbrush has a soft rubber on the back of the head for tongue cleaning and an ergonomic design of the handle with a grip that allows for comfortable and safe holding while brushing teeth. This toothbrush for bleeding gums is also very light, making it ideal for travelling or camping.

    Why our extra soft toothbrush is the best nano toothbrush in Australia:

    Super soft end-rounded bristles – this silko toothbrush is made with 20,000 soft micro flex bristles that gently clean and massage your gums and teeth while being gentle as a feather, the perfect toothbrush for sensory issues. Being so densely bristled, this toothbrush for sensitive teeth reaches critical areas that ordinary manual toothbrushes cannot, enhancing optimum plaque removal.

    Innovative 0.08 mm in diameter bristles that clean deeper than regular manual toothbrushes, removing tartar without damaging the teeth’s enamel. Studies have shown that thinner bristles reach further into the interproximal areas than regular hairs (1.43 mm versus 0.08 mm) for a superior clean that you will see and feel.

    Recommended by dentists – this toothbrush for sensitive gums provides a highly comfortable brushing experience making it perfect for individuals with sensitive teeth, gum disease, or bleeding gums. It is also a good toothbrush for periodontal disease for individuals who do not like electric toothbrushes.

    Ergonomic design – this 20000 bristle toothbrush has a smaller than usual head, making it easier to maneuver and clean the back teeth. The compact toothbrush head also allows you to brush into the crevices between the teeth a lot better. This makes it the best toothbrush pregnancy when you’re battling not only the pregnancy gingivitis but also a hypersensitive gag reflex triggered by toothbrushes with big heads.

    Safe and the right size – this sensory toothbrush for adults measures 18 x 1.3 cm, with a bristle's length of 1 cm, being slender and incredibly light, with a handle long enough to provide adequate grip to give full control. This BPA free toothbrush has a head with a tong cleaner on the back to remove the odor-causing bacteria.


    Toothbrush with 0.08 mm in diameter bristlesStudies have shown that thinner bristles (0.08 mm versus 1.43 mm of regular toothbrushes) reach further within the narrow crevices of the gum line and between the teeth and gums. This means effective removal of plaque and grime that causes periodontal disease (gum disease), delivering a high level of oral cleanliness.
    Tooth Brush with 20000 bristlesSoft toothbrushes are 1.8 times more effective at removing plaque in hard-to-reach areas than other manual toothbrushes. Extra soft toothbrushes are also dentists’ recommendation for individuals with receding gums, gingivitis, and periodontitis, as they are more gentle.
    Pink and Blue Manual Adult Toothbrushes in a GlassThis lovely toothbrush comes in 2 pastel colors (pink and blue) to fit everyone's taste. It has a non-slip grip, which makes it easy to use even if wet. Our tooth brush has a smaller head than regular toothbrushes, making it able to navigate the tight spaces in your oral cavity. Molars may not get a thorough cleaning with a standard toothbrush head because of the restricted space in the mouth's back.