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  • Sterling Silver Tibetan Fidget Ring Adjustable

    Sensory Stand is proud to bring this exquisite fidget ring to Australia. Inspired by the Buddhist prayer wheel, this anxiety ring is a beautiful example of Nepalese workmanship. The Tibetan prayer wheels purify negative energy (bad karma) and accumulate merit (good karma). 

    This feminine ring will adorn your hand and lift your spirit. We are the only store carrying this fidget ring in Australia, so be ready to receive many compliments when your start wearing it. It also offers you a new way to reduce negative thoughts and keep fingers busy while alleviating stress and bringing you to the present moment. In addition, the rhythmic, repetitive movements of a spinning ring will generate a relaxation response that lowers the heart rate and brings down blood pressure. You can use this ring as a focal point while meditating, or you can spin it anytime to keep your fingers busy: when you are watching TV, listening to music, or reading a book.

    This one-of-a-kind fidget ring Australia is manufactured from sterling silver and weighs 4 grams. It’s not just a metal coating, but real “925” silver. It will last much longer than other similar products on the market, mostly made out of zinc or aluminium with a silver finish.

    You will not find a better present than this fidget ring in Australia. It makes a superb gift for those who love meditating, suffer from anxiety, or just like to fidget. It’s adjustable to fit any finger, and there are no worries about getting the wrong size. Our ring comes in an organza pouch, ready to be gifted to your loved one. So, buy a spinner ring today.

    Product details:

    • Materials: 925 sterling silver

    • Item Weight: 4 g

    • Thickness: approx 0.15 cm

    • Adjustable