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  • Triple Band 925 Silver Ring for Fidgeting Adjustable

    Experience elegance paired with tranquility through the Triple Band 925 Silver Ring for Fidgeting. Crafted with seven sliding beads, this ring is your ultimate companion in finding calm amidst chaos, offering a seamless mix of therapeutic advantages and posh aesthetics.

    Key Highlights:

    • Customized Comfort: Bid farewell to concerns about size. The flexible band adjustment ensures the ring sits comfortably on any finger, delivering all-day ease and a personalized touch.

    • Health-Conscious Design: Our commitment to your wellbeing and comfort is reflected in our nickel-free offering, ideal for sensitive skin types. Sterling silver is naturally hypoallergenic, and the rhodium or the gold plating takes this to another level. Our materials let you appreciate its soothing effects without any worries.

    • Impeccable Craftsmanship: Constructed with rhodium-plated 925 Sterling Silver, it symbolizes not just style but also resilience. Being waterproof and tarnish-proof, this ring remains unscathed throughout life's journeys.

    • Available in three different hues: silver, gold, and rose gold.

    Embracing Wellness with Style:

    • This ring finds its pride in catering to a diverse audience – from those dealing with anxiety to jewellery lovers to wellness aficionados. It serves as a subtle yet potent tool to relieve stress, enhance focus, discourage habits like nail-biting, and promote mindfulness. It goes beyond being a piece of jewellery; it's your individual refuge.

    • The most distinct feature of this Triple Band Anxiety Ring is its marriage of functionality and elegance. With seven movable beads, the tri-bands silently spin to cater to the urge of fidgeting while maintaining a chic outlook. It's an ornament that doesn't negotiate on looks or functionality.

    • Embrace a pinch of serenity everywhere you go and surrender to the stylish solace provided by the Triple Band Ring for Fidgeting. It's a proclamation of self-love, wellness pledge, and a symbol of timeless elegance – all wrapped around your finger.


    • Rose gold ring: 925 sterling silver plated with 18k rose gold
    • Silver ring: 925 sterling silver plated with rhodium
    • Gold ding: 925 sterling silver plated with 18k gold
    • Adjustable for US sizes 5.5-10.5
    • Comes in a gift pouch