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  • ARK Therapeutic Y-Chew® Oral Motor Chew

    This professional sensory tool was invented in the USA by a speech-language pathologist. The innovative Y shaped design makes it perfect for reaching the back molars. The 3 different chewing textures (one smooth, one ribbed, and one with gentle bumps) provide a sensory experience for various needs. Use the Y-Chew® as an oral fidget for sensory seekers who crave chewing, or for anyone who needs to chew for any reason (as a safe alternative to biting your nails or grinding your teeth, as a way for individuals fed via g-tube to still be able to chew on something orally).

     The Y-Chew® is non-toxic and chew-safe for children. Made of medical grade FDA compliant 100% food-grade silicone, this sensory toy is designed and manufactured in the USA.

     Buy Y-Chew® sensory chew toy for your child today. Can also purchase 2 with different toughness levels if not sure which one your child will love. You can get some more to offer them as presents to family and friends who have children who need to chew. This silicone chew is the perfect gift for any occasion! 

    Why ARK Therapeutic's oral motor chew tool is the best in class oral fidget for your child:

    • Innovative design - 3 extensions to chew on. Each "arm" of the Y shape features a different texture: one smooth, one ribbed, and one with gentle bumps for a varying sensory experience. This sensory chew has been a staple tool for therapists in chewing therapy to practice biting/chewing skills without the risk of choking, or to work on jaw strength and stability, or to help decrease oral sensitivities/food aversions.

      Durable oral fidget – this sensory toy for autism is made from a tear-resistant silicone designed to satisfy everyone from mild chewers to the most avid ones who chew through pretty tough items (like legos, hard plastic toys, wood, etc.).

      Helps with stress and anxiety – this sensory chew toy is not only for individuals with sensory needs, such as ADHD, Autism, and PDD to reduce anxiety and stress. It also helps individuals chewing/biting on fingers, knuckles, shirts, pencils, and other hard objects.The long slender shape is comfortable to hold and sized to reach the back molars while being a safe chewing solution.

      Improves behaviour and academic skills – chewing is proved to increase attention and focus on the task at hand. It is more socially appropriate to chew on sensory tools in the classroom than on chewing gum.

      Safe and non-toxic material – made of medical grade FDA compliant 100% food-grade silicone, these autism toys are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA in a Columbia, South Carolina family factory. Safety is ARK's highest priority! Each of the sensory toys Australia is medical grade, FDA compliant, NO lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex. Parents and caregivers can have the peace of mind knowing that ARK Therapeutic's sensory toys are non-toxic and chew-safe for their children.

      Easy to hold - the handle measures 63 mm and the extensions measure 45 mm and 32 mm, being perfect for little hands to hold and reach the back molars.

      Easy to clean - hand washes with soapy water; dishwasher safe (top rack); steam sterilised. It prevents the growth of bacteria and mold.

      Each Y-Chew® is sold individually - choose which option you'd like from the pull-down menu above. First determine the toughness level that your child needs by clicking on What’s My Toughness Level link at the right hand side of the pull-down menu above. Exact color hues may vary slightly.

      Although the Y-Chew® sensory toy for autism is recommended for 2.5 years and up, the range of sensory needs is vast and complex. What works for one person may not work for the next, so if you're not sure which tool is best for your child, check out ARK's Chewing Guide™ and this article on How to Choose the Right Chew.

      You may also want to check out this article tackling the differences between the Grabber® and the Y-Chew®.

      Caution: This product is not a toy. Although these chew tools are sturdy and durable, no chew tool is indestructible. Wear/tear may be expected given the nature of the intended use. How long they last is typically equal to the amount and intensity of the chewing and other variables (such as jaw strength, stress/anxiety levels, if other sensory strategies are in place, etc.). While a chew tool will last forever for some people, for others with heavy/aggressive oral needs, they may go through it very quickly. Please supervise at all times, regularly inspect the chew, and replace if necessary if the item shows signs of wear and tear.