Wooden Puzzle – Dogs



This beautiful and fun wooden jigsaw puzzle makes an entertaining and exciting gift for any dog lover. Featuring stunning imagery and vivid colors, this jigsaw puzzle radiates optimism and joy. Puzzling reduces stress, creates a sense of calm, and wooden jigsaw puzzles with cheerful prints like this one will instantly brighten your mood.

  • Available in 3 sizes, this optimistic wooden puzzle provides hours of entertainment. Starting a puzzle Australia on a table in your kitchen or living room is an invitation for the whole family to participate. Making wooden jigsaw puzzles is also a tactic that parents of teens can use for starting a conversation while working toward a shared goal.

    Wooden puzzles are also highly appealing to children with autism. They offer opportunities to center their attention on one activity improving focus while developing creativity, visualization, and imagination. Our jigsaw puzzle dog lovers also provides tactile and olfactory stimulation for children on the spectrum. Its laser-cut unique pieces, called whimsies, designed as animals or plants are sublimely tactile. With the comforting smell of the wood as you open the packaging, our puzzles Australia are entertainment for all the senses!

    Usually, after finishing a wooden puzzle for adults the easiest thing to do is take it apart and do it again later. But not with this jigsaw puzzle dog for dog lovers. You or the kids will want it displayed. It would be a great conversation piece and an original piece of artwork in your home. Don’t worry if you don’t know How to Glue a Wooden Puzzle and Mount it for Display. It’s easy and fun!

    At Sensory Stand we carry one of the largest selections of jigsaw puzzles Australia with patterns for any taste and prices for any budget. You can choose 2 types of packaging for this round puzzle. The budget and environment-friendly option is the hessian bag, without a box. This makes the dogs wooden animal puzzle a great choice for those who wish to purchase products that have a low carbon footprint.

    If you’re after a present for a puzzler who is impressed by nice packaging, then you can pick the exquisite wooden box option. Either way, buy your jigsaw puzzle in Australia today from Sensory Stand.


    • Jigsaw animal puzzle sizes and pieces:

    o S: 23 cm diameter; 115 pcs

    o M: 28 cm diameter; 194 pcs

    o L: 32 cm diameter; 287 pcs

    • Recommended for: 10 years+

    • Please note that not all wooden puzzle pieces are animal-shaped and that the jigsaw puzzle pattern is printed on a relatively small piece of paper, to maintain the product’s carbon footprint as low as possible.