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Wooden Puzzle – Chameleon



Let your mind wander to lush forests and tropical beaches with this one-of-a-kind wooden puzzle. Our wooden puzzles for adults have been laser-cut to perfection into intricate animal and plant-shaped pieces. When finished, the fabulous print and vivid colours of this chameleon animal puzzle create a breathtaking work of art that will bring a dark or lifeless room to life when displayed on a wall.

This puzzle radiates optimism and joy and will instantly brighten your mood. Wooden puzzles are an opportunity to unplug and give yourself an escape from worries and information overload that is continuously buzzing through the very fabric of our lives. Puzzle your way to serenity and happiness!

Jigsaw puzzles for adults have been proven to support new nerve cells' growth and strengthen the connection between them, thus being the perfect activity to delay symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. This wooden puzzle is the ideal present for older adults who want to remain young not only at heart and body but also sharp and witty.

Our wooden puzzles are made of basswood and packed in a gorgeous wooden box, making them the perfect gift for beginners and veteran puzzlers in your life.


  • Puzzle size - A4: 19.9 x 22.3 cm / A3: 28.5 x 32 cm
  • Number of puzzle pieces - Please note that not all parts are animal-shaped - A4: 203 / A3: 310
  • Recommended for: 10 years+

  • The symbolic significance of Chameleon:

    🦎 Adaptability – chameleons can change their colour to disguise and hide. They are also able to endure both extreme heat and cold without any damage. Just like a chameleon, you need to learn to adjust to your environment and blend in to create harmony.

    🦎 Relaxation – chameleons love sunbathing and look as nothing bothers them at all. They are incredibly steady and calm creatures, representing life without worries and peace.

    🦎 Stillness – chameleons, do not move around a lot and are very slow. They wait for ages until an insect comes in their way and rarely come down to the ground. They represent slow motion, patience, and being static. Chameleons are a reminder that there is no need to go through life in a hurry because you should live it at your own pace.

    🦎 Focus on higher ambitions and goals – the chameleon spirit animal encourages you to have patience, be curious and resourceful.

    4 more reasons why you should be puzzling regularly and encourage your kids and parents to do so as well:

    🧩 Build persistence in children - kids who are not used to doing jigsaw puzzles will sometimes become frustrated and give up after a while. However, with parents or grandparents' help, they will keep working on it and keep trying. Persistence is a precious lesson for children of any age.

    🧩 Develop social skills – children, and especially those with special needs, can benefit tremendously from playing board games with other people. Working with others promotes listening, interaction, and inclusion.

    🧩 Emotional benefits for older children and teenagers – puzzles teach patience and self-control. Doing wooden jigsaw puzzles takes time and effort. A finished puzzle boosts self-confidence and brings admiration from friends and family.

    🧩 Excellent stress reliever and mood-boosting– when we concentrate on a puzzle for an extended period, our minds only focus on one task. This encourages our brains to go into a meditative state that lowers the heart rate and reduces stress levels and anxiety.

Customer Reviews

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High quality Puzzle. Complicated and challenging even for experienced puzzle solvers


Delivered quickly. In beautiful wooden box that can stand as an example. Bits are wonderful, delivered in beautiful fabric pouch in the wooden box. Challenge to make. I go there definitely more buy. A A3 format still no 16 euro free shipped!! Amazing puzzle. Challenging. Fast delivery in 10 days. Beautiful wooden box with fabric pouch. Lid can with legs stand as an example. All present. Direct more puzzles Ordered!


Exactly corresponds to the description. Very beautiful puzzles. Made neatly and beautifully. Thank the seller for the quality goods and a separate thanks for the good packaging, so everything came whole. For me it was important, as I ordered for a gift. The puzzle is great. Colors are less bright than in the seller's photo, but not as yellowish as in my photo


Conform to the description, remains to be checked if complete


Pretty but the parts remain glued to each other