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  • Wooden Puzzle - Butterfly 300 Pcs

    Butterfly lovers will go wild with this one-of-a-kind wooden puzzle. If you want to try something more challenging than the normal rectangular, straight-edge jigsaw format, then you’ll enjoy our new wooden puzzle for adults.

    This wooden puzzle Australia has laser-cut intricate pieces shaped like forest animals and trees. It radiates optimism and joy and will instantly brighten your mood. Putting together these wooden puzzle pieces will be so relaxing, entertaining, and meditative. Puzzle away! Fly away and relax!

    • Kids will love this wooden animal puzzle too. It will stimulate and challenge their brain, developing creativity, visualization, and imagination. Wooden puzzles Australia can also help autistic children to improve focus while providing a satisfying tactile sensation. Wooden puzzles allow children on the spectrum to centre their attention on one activity and refine their fine motor skills as they practice manipulating objects.

      This wooden puzzle is the type of jigsaw puzzle that you can’t bear to take apart when it is finished. You’ll want to mount it on a wall. It will be a great conversation piece, creating an original piece of artwork in your home. Plus, you’ll get lots of compliments. Learn How to Glue a Wooden Puzzle and Mount it for Display. It’s easy and fun!

      Packed in elegant wooden boxes, our jigsaw puzzles make a fantastic gift for any puzzle lover. They will be in for a treat, and your special gift will be highly appreciated. So, buy your jigsaw puzzles online in Australia today from Sensory Stand.

    • Features:

      • Wooden Puzzle size:  40 cm x 35.8 cm; 300 pieces

      • Recommended for 10 years+

      • Please note that not all pieces are animal-shaped