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    LCD Writing Tablet Cover 8.5 & 12 inch

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    Our 8.5 and 12 inch LCD writing boards are made of ABS plastic. This well-known material provides impact resistance used in millions of products: small kitchen appliances, keyboard key-caps, protective headgear, and musical instruments. Just to name a few!

    These writing tablets for kids have also have waterproof displays. They are very sturdy, being designed with kids in mind.  However, LCD screens do get marks. Most of us, moms, toss lots of stuff in our handbags. Keys and toys will scratch your child’s favorite doodle pad. This is when our tablet cover comes in handy.

    Made of neoprene, these cute blue covers fit perfectly our 12 and 8.5  inch kids drawing tablets. Extend the tablet’s life by protecting it from scratching. When your child outgrows it, you can pass it along to a sibling or another child whose parents do not afford one. Don’t throw it in the bin so it can remain in the landfill for tens of years. Protect the environment.

    • Product details:

      • 8.5 inch doodle pad: 240 mm x 160 mm

      • 12 inch LCD writing board: 310 mm x 210mm

      • Weight: 58 g