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  • Drawing Pad for Kids Tablets 12 inch

    Nurture your child’s creativity with this LCD writing tablet that was designed with kids in mind. The drawing pad for kids is lightweight, durable, and scratch resistant.You don’t have to feel nervous when your child tosses it into her backpack. And if your child is little, drawing can be a messy business: somehow color marks end up on clothing, furniture or even walls.
    Available in three fun colours and measuring 12 inches, this drawing pad for kids has a one-click erase button, so your child doesn’t need to waste any time as they move on to their next drawing. The doodle pad also has a lock, keeping the child’s masterpiece safe from erasure.

    This kids drawing tablet comes in 2 options: one with monochrome screen and another with multicolor screen. Both options allow kids to draw in neon-bright colours while not harming their eyes. As a result, parents can have the peace of mind that our drawing pad for kids is safe. The screen does not emit radiations, or blue light like standard screens do, making it safe for kids’ eyes even when used for prolonged periods.

    • The electronic notepad has an integrated stylus slot for convenient use, so no need to worry that it will get misplaced. Alternatively, you can use the incorporated space and tie the stylus onto the board with a ribbon or clip it onto a lanyard.

      The screen is smooth, and lines can be created in various thicknesses, depending on how hard the child presses the stylus as she draws. Also, unlike the majority of other tablets 12 inch, ours has a round stylus. This feature makes it great for those still developing pen grip or having hand function difficulties.

      There’s no need to worry about cables, connections, and charging the electronic notepad. It is powered by a CR2025 replaceable battery that will last between 6 and 12 months.

      Made of ABS plastic, our doodle drawing board is very durable and the screen is waterproof. 

      Our tablets 12 inch make an inspired gift for any child older than 2. It is the best beginner drawing tablet: brings a lot of fun into doing math, writing, and drawing. It also makes an excellent communication tool for those with speech or hearing difficulties. So, buy this kids drawing tablet today worry free with our 1 year product warranty period.

      Product details:

      • Tablet size: 283 mm x 186 mm x 5 mm

      • Screen size: 12 inch

      • Stylus size: 122 x 9 mm

      • Battery model: CR2025

      • Weight: 170g