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    LCD Writing Tablet 8.5 Inch

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    If your child is interested in mathematics or just doodling, a drawing pad for kids can support her to explore her interests in depth. Actually, if your child enjoys drawing but tends to lose interest quickly, an LCD writing tablet might be the secret to get her fixated on that interest.

    This tablet has similar features as our best-selling Drawing Pad for Kids Tablets 12 inch, but is smaller, therefore being better suited for younger kids. It is very lightweight (93 g), portable, yet sturdy, and scratch-resistant. Our LCD writing tablets are made of ABS plastic, so you don’t have to feel nervous when your child tosses it into her backpack or your handbag. Your child can carry the doodle pad  along with her anywhere: in the car, on an airplane, or at a restaurant.

    The drawing surface of this doodle pad feels nice to draw on, is comfortable and intuitive enough for your child to enjoy drawing on it. In addition, the stylus allows creating thin or thick strokes, depending on how far it is tilted. This makes the entire drawing experience feel similar to paper. 

    Our kids drawing tablet has a one-button clear function to delete all the content on the tablet in one go. This feature makes our LCD writing tablet especially useful for those who struggle with literacy and writing, as it helps reduce the frustration of error. The tablet also has a lock button, keeping the child’s masterpiece safe from erasure.

    • This drawing tablet for kids comes in 2 options: one with color drawing and the other with monochrome drawing. No matter which one you’ll pick for your child, you can have the peace of mind that our kids drawing tablet is safe. The screen does not emit radiations or blue light like standard screens does, so it will not harm children's eyes even when used for prolonged periods.

      The drawing tablet for kids is powered by a CR2016 replaceable battery that will last between 6 and 12 months. 

      Made of ABS plastic, our LCD writing tablets are very durable and the screen is waterproof. However, when tossed in a handbag with keys, toys and other stuff, the screen can get scratched. Protect it with a cute blue cover

      Affordable and packed with many features, our 8.5 inch doodle drawing board is the best beginner drawing tablet. Consider it as a first-time option to gauge how your child responds to it. This kids drawing tablet also makes ideal as a gifting option for boys and girls over 3 years old.

      Product details:

      • Tablet size: 227 mm x 146 mm x 5 mm

      • Screen size: 8.5 inch

      • Stylus size: 122 x 9mm

      • Battery model: CR2016

      • Weight: 93 g