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    Babushka Nesting Dolls - Savanna Animals

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    Age 18 months+

    Unleash a world of fun and learning for your little ones with our beautifully crafted Nesting Animal Dolls! This enchanting set includes five wooden friends - a brave Lion, a cuddly Bear, a cheerful Pig, a playful Monkey, and a tiny Bird, all waiting to be discovered, one nestled within the other.

     Our Nesting Animal Dolls cater not just to the joy of discovery but also to the tender growth of your child's cognitive abilities. Sorting, nesting, and matching each animal friend presents a delightful challenge that sharpens problem-solving capabilities, enhances spatial recognition, and refines their motor skills.

    Empower your kids with a toy that's both entertaining and instrumental in sculpting the foundations of essential developmental skills.

    Key Features:

    🦁 A vibrant set of 5 adorable nesting dolls featuring animal favourites.

    🐻 Painted with non-toxic, child-friendly paint for worry-free playtime.

    🐷 Skillfully crafted from durable wood to withstand the creativity of little hands.

    🐒 Ranging in height from a compact 4cm to 14cm.

    🐦Designed to bolster fine motor skills and logical thinking.

    Perfect For:

    • Toddlers eager to explore and learn.
    • Parents looking for engaging educational toys with a fun twist.
    • Educators seeking resourceful tools for early childhood development.
    • An unforgettable gift that is as meaningful as it is playful.

    Witness your child’s joy as she uncovers each layer, their excitement as each animal reveals itself, and their pride as they master the art of nesting. It's a timeless keepsake that grows with them—first as a toy, then as a treasured childhood memory perched on their bookcase.

    Please note these are handmade items, therefore they may have small imperfections. They may also be difficult to separate by a child because untreated wood attracts moisture which makes it to swollen in time. If that is the case, just insert the blade of a knife between the 2 parts of each animal and slowly move it up and down, so they will lose up.