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    Babushka Nesting Dolls - Antarctic Animals

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    Age 18 months+

    Unveil the charm of the South Pole right in your living room with our Nesting Antarctic Animal Dolls, an incredibly delightful set that promises endless hours of joy and learning. Each piece is more than a toy; it's a story, a puzzle, and a spark for the imagination. 

    Key Features

    • Charming Collection: Engage in the vivid world of make-believe with a vibrant set of 5 exquisite nesting dolls, each presenting a beloved Antarctic creature.
    • Safety First: Adorned in non-toxic, kid-friendly paint, these dolls invite little ones to play without any worries.
    • Crafted to Last: Skilfully carved from durable wood, these nesting dolls are built resilient to sustain the curious and inventive plays of spirited toddlers.
    • Perfectly Sized: With sizes ranging from a handy 4 cm to a standout 14 cm, they are designed for tiny hands and big adventures.
    • Educational Play: Specifically curated to aid in developing fine motor skills and cognitive abilities while seamlessly blending fun with education.

    Perfect For

    • Inquisitive Toddlers: Watch your toddlers' eyes light up with every surprise as they discover an animal within an animal.
    • Insightful Parents: Ideal for parents dedicated to providing their children with playtime that’s both entertaining and developmentally beneficial.
    • Resourceful Educators: An impeccable addition to any early learning environment that encourages play-based education.
    • Gift Givers: Looking for a unique and meaningful present? This set isn't just a toy; it's an heirloom-quality gift that offers a truly memorable experience.

    Rejoice in witnessing your child's gleeful discovery as each animal doll is revealed, their excitement bubbling over with every new layer. Take pride in their growth as they refine their nesting skills—a playful yet profound testament to their burgeoning cognition.

    Please Note:

    We pour our passion and dedication into hand-making each Arctic Animal Nesting Doll, which means every set is unique, complete with its own character and charm. Small imperfections are the hallmarks of handcrafted treasures.

    Should the need arise to separate nesting dolls that have grown snug over time, a simple wiggle with a thin blade can gently part them again.