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    Babushka Nesting Dolls - Chickens

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    Age 18 months+

    Unleash the joy of play and the thrill of learning with our charming set of Chicken Nesting Dolls, specially crafted for your child's hands and heart. Hand-painted with non-toxic paints, these adorable wooden companions are not just toys, but a gift of timeless joy and a keepsake for cherished memories.

    Imagine the gleam in your child's eyes as she unlocks the mystery of these nesting dolls, enhancing their motor skills and logical reasoning with every match. Each piece is a discovery, a challenge, and a triumph, as your little one learns about order, size, and the satisfaction of a puzzle beautifully solved. It's the wonder of play meeting the pride of growing expertise.

    Key Features:

    • Set of Five: A family of five chickens, ready for interactive play.
    • Child-safe and Friendly: Coated with non-toxic paint to ensure safe play.
    • Handcrafted with Love: Each doll is hand-made from high-quality wood.
    • Developmental Delight: Boosts fine motor skills and logical thinking.
    • A Size for Every Hand: Sizes ranging from a petite 4cm to a towering 14cm.

    These babushka dolls offer layers of entertainment and education. Designed for toddlers and recommended by parents and educators alike, these nesting dolls will foster your child's cognitive development and problem-solving abilities, providing endless hours of fascination as they arrange and rearrange their feathery friends.

    Please Note:

    We pour our passion and dedication into hand-making each Chicken Nesting Doll, which means every set is unique, complete with its own character and charm. Small imperfections are the hallmarks of handcrafted treasures.

    In the event your dolls decide to stick together like flockmates, worry not. A simple wiggle with a thin blade can gently part them again.