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Wooden Puzzle - Fish



Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for the avid puzzler in your life or want to add some challenge to family game night, we have got you covered.

This eye-catching puzzle's stunning image and vibrant colors are a delight for novice and veteran puzzlers alike. This wooden puzzle radiates optimism and joy and will instantly brighten your mood. Doing this puzzle will be so relaxing, enjoyable, and meditative. Puzzle away! Fish, boat, swim, relax!

Our innovative wooden puzzles are made up of intricately detailed pieces shaped like forest animals, making puzzling so much fun. The pieces have been laser-cut to ensure smooth edges that fit perfectly together. Every piece is unique, and many of the pieces are miniature artworks of their own.

This adult puzzle's superb color reproduction can bring a dark or lifeless room to life when displayed on a wall after its completion. Or, it can become an intricate design element to your overall décor.

Packed in an exquisite wooden box, our wooden puzzle makes a fantastic gift for any puzzle lover. They will be in for a treat, and your one-of-a-kind gift will be highly appreciated.


  • Puzzle size - A4:19.8 x 24.5 cm / A3: 28.2 x 35.1 cm
  • Number of puzzle pieces - Please note that not all pieces are animal-shaped – A4: 196 pieces / A3: 331 pieces
  • Recommended for: 10 years+

  • Significance of the Fish:

    🐟 The Fish as a Christian symbol is nearly as old as the Christian faith itself. Apart from the cross, the fish symbol is probably the most recognizable representation of faith. The fish is also a symbol of baptism since a fish is at home in the water.

    🐟 The Fish is one of the most potent symbols of wealth and luck in Chinese symbology. Fish represent water which is the element most associated with wealth creation. Adding fish symbols to your home is a beautiful Feng Shui enhancer for anyone looking to attract wealth and prosperity! It is said that displaying fish symbols on the north wall of a room will help propel your career and bring new business opportunities.

    5 Surprising health benefits from doing jigsaw puzzles:

    🧩 Great meditation alternative and stress reliever – focusing on a single task that is immersive, away from gadgets, interruptions, and day-to-day life strains bring the same benefits as meditating: stabilizing blood pressure reducing anxiety.

    🧩 Wooden puzzles provide a rare opportunity for inter generational engagement – getting the teenagers off their smartphones or computer games and working on a puzzle with Grandma is a nice family interaction that is getting harder and harder to come by these days

    🧩 Cognitive benefits– puzzles help develop organization, perception, concentration, and reasoning skills. These skills can be transferred to work and school, making your critical thinking and adaptive skills better and more innovative in problem-solving.

    🧩 Emotional benefits for older children and teenagers – puzzles teach patience and self-control. Doing a Ravensburger puzzle takes time and effort. A finished puzzle boosts self-confidence and brings admiration from friends and family.

    🧩 Better dexterity – a study from Princeton University confirms that jigsaw puzzles are perfect for assisting stroke victims with their recovery and help children improve agility. The fact that puzzles can be played at all levels makes them so suitable for dexterity training.

    No need to worry about spending too much time doing wooden puzzles again. It is officially good for you. Why not start a puzzle today with your friends or offer it as a present to someone who would benefit from this activity?

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful puzzle, fits description and the wooden pieces are sturdy and thick. Very happy with purchase, will be buying many more from this website.


It came in time neatly packed. It's like the description. And a small present, very nice. Thank you!


Beautiful Puzzle, packing and delivery at altitude. The details are all present, fit together well, if the element does not fit, then not the one, most likely. A4 is quite difficult even for an adult, I'm new and collected 5 hours! (tried carefully, do not break).


Very fast delivery (1 week and a half) plus a small gift. Super puzzle


Thank you so much! The puzzle came quickly, very qualitatively packed. The seller sent in a box!! Put the gift! Very nice! We collect the puzzle (we will give the daughter on March 8), I will add a review. And then we will order in this store to friends and ourselves. Thank you!!!