Wooden Puzzle – Dragonfly



If you love mandala colouring pages, then this dragonfly round-shaped wooden puzzle is for you. Mandalas are sacred symbols that are used for meditation, and art therapy for both adults and children. When colouring a mandala or doing a mandala jigsaw puzzle Australia, you're getting the same benefits as meditating: stabilized blood pressure, lowered heart rate increased creativity and self-awareness, reduced anxiety and stress levels.

Available in 3 sizes, our wooden puzzle Australia radiates optimism and joy and will instantly brighten your mood. With its round shape and gradient colors, this adult jigsaw puzzle is best for experienced puzzlers who want to try something more challenging than the normal rectangular, straight-edge jigsaw format.

  • This dragonfly jigsaw puzzle has unique pieces, called whimsies, designed as animals or plants. They are made of basswood and laser-cut to ensure the ultimate precision and a product that is free of dust and impurities. The pieces of our wooden puzzles Australiaare sublimely tactile. Handling each piece is a joy and provides a feeling of quality throughout your puzzling experience.

    At Sensory Stand we carry one of the largest selections of wooden jigsaw puzzles with patterns for any taste and prices for any budget. You can choose 2 types of packaging for this wooden jigsaw puzzle for adults. The budget and environment-friendly option is the hessian bag, without a box. This makes the dragonfly wooden puzzle a great choice for those who wish to purchase products that have a low carbon footprint.

    If you’re after a present for a puzzler who is impressed by nice packaging, then you can pick the exquisite wooden box option. Either way, buy your jigsaw puzzle in Australia today from Sensory Stand.


    Mandala Puzzle sizes and pieces:

    o S: 20 cm diameter; 108 pcs

    o M: 30 cm diameter; 200 pcs

    o L: 35 cm diameter; 338 pcs

    • Recommended for: 10 years+

    • Please note that not all wooden puzzlepieces are animal-shaped and that the jigsaw puzzle pattern is printed on a relatively small piece of paper, to maintain the product’s carbon footprint as low as possible.