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  • Whisper Phone - Set of 4

    Ages 3 years+

    Introducing our Whisper Phone Set of 4 - a multisensory experience designed to elevate your child’s learning journey. These whisper phones are more than just a toy; they're a powerful tool for language interventions and a catalyst for boosting reading skills in children.

    Crafted from high-quality, durable PVC, each reading phone in this set is designed to withstand the rigours of everyday play while still delivering a great audio experience. Available in blue, red, yellow and green, these whisper phones for reading offer both aesthetic appeal and functionality, making them a favourite among kids aged 3 to 10.

    The magic of Whisper Phone lies in its unique design that acts as a self-amplifier. When children speak into the whisper phone, their voice is directed straight back to their ears, providing immediate feedback. This feature makes our whisper phones an invaluable asset in speech therapy sessions. They help children correct pronunciation errors, improve articulation, and enhance vocal clarity - all while keeping the learning process fun and engaging.

    But the benefits of our phonic phone don’t stop at speech therapy. These acoustical headsets also serve as an effective tool for practising reading skills. Whether your child is just starting to learn new languages, or they're working on improving their spelling and reading fluency, our reading phones provide the supportive, hands-free environment they need to thrive.

    Coming in a 4-pc pack, these whisper phones can be used for both individual and group activities. They promote active learning by encouraging children to listen to their own voice and adjust their speech accordingly for higher performance results.

    Embrace the sound of learning with our Whisper Phones set. Let your child experience the joy of mastering new words, perfecting their pronunciation, and becoming confident readers. Order today and unlock a world of learning opportunities for your little one!

    Whisper Phone Features:
    • Weight: 20 grams
    • Size: 13.9 cm
    • Material: PVC plastic