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  • Webe kalm

    Ages 3 years+

    Introducing Webe kalm, a transformative tool designed to help children and adults manage stress and anxiety through effective breathwork. This innovative device combines visual and auditory elements to create a comprehensive, calming experience.

    Throughout their lives, children and young adults are often told to "relax," "breathe," or "calm down." However, what they truly need is to learn HOW to achieve these states of relaxation and composure. Webe kälm provides them with the tools and techniques to do just that.

    Consider it the most essential addition to your life skills toolkit. With webe kälm, parents can unlock the power of empathy, understanding, and unwavering support when collaborating with their children.


    Webe kalm offers a range of benefits aimed at helping both
    children and adults manage stress and anxiety through effective breathwork techniques:

    • Visual and Auditory Engagement:

    It uses a floating ball for visual focus and white noise for auditory regulation to make breathwork engaging and effective.

    • Breath Control Training

    Teaches the practice of nasal inhalation and slow exhalation, which are key techniques for calming the nervous system.

    • Stress Reduction:

    Helps reduce anxiety and stress by promoting calm through controlled breathing exercises.

    • Enhanced Focus and Concentration:

    The visual and auditory elements aid in maintaining focus during breathing exercises, improving overall concentration.

    • Gamified Learning:

    Provides a visual goal and feedback, making the learning process almost like a game, which is motivating, especially for children.

    • Portability:

    The compact design makes it easy to carry around, so users can practice calmness anywhere.

    • Versatility

    Suitable for both children and adults, making it a versatile tool for anyone looking to improve their breathwork and reduce stress.

    Webe kalm helps with:
    • bedtime routines
    • test taking
    • tantrums
    • nervousness
    • crying fits
    • school work
    • melt downs
    • attention
    • stress
    • anger
    • and more
    What's included:

    Each webe kälm purchase comes with the following:

    • webe kälm - 1x breathe tube and 1x indicator
    • 1x matching anti-microbial stow bag
    • 1x adult "webe in this together" bracelet
    • 1x child "webe in this together" bracelet
    Are there different sizes?

    although parents and children will experience it differently by age, webe kälm comes in one size. You can experience webe by age below 👇

    Kalm for wee little ones (3-8)

    Little ones can get thrown off balance by the simplest things that adults just don’t get.

    Someone took their favourite rock. An adult mentioned the dreaded "bedtime." Another kid got ice cream and they didn’t.

    And so it goes, with feelings running high. These emotions are real, and there's not much we can do to change them directly. webe kälm is here to help adults bring kids back to a balanced state in a cooperative way, without making things worse.

    Use it whenever those tough moments hit. Staying kälm isn’t just for a set time; it's a lasting benefit.

    Kalm for tweens (9-12)

    Adolescents often find themselves in a tough spot, between the process of maturing into adults and the desire to assert their independence as decision-makers. This can lead to all sorts of conflicts and confusion at school, home, or wherever they spend their time. The stress from this balancing act can be overwhelming, making choices that seem simple to adults feel monumental to them. For example:

    • Getting bullied by friends at school.
    • Feeling trapped by a lack of freedom, leading to a desire for isolation.
    • Being disappointed by a bad grade on a test.
    • Navigating hormone changes and not understanding why they're suddenly in hysterics on occasion

    The list goes on, and these experiences are very real and completely valid.

    That's where webe kälm comes in. It's designed to provide adults with the tools to help teens manage anxiety and stress in a way that supports their emotional well-being. Use it whenever things get tough. By promoting a sense of self-regulation and calm, the benefits can extend far beyond the immediate moment, offering lasting positive

    Kalm for teens (13+)

    Teenagers often find themselves stuck between growing into maturity and wanting to make their own choices, which can lead to conflicts and confusion in places like school, home, or any group they belong to. The demands from this phase can be quite overwhelming, and things that seem simple to adults can feel monumental to teens. For example:

    • A 10th grader might be in emotional distress due to a recent breakup.
    • Just mentioning "bedtime" can cause anxiety.
    • Getting a poor grade on a test can feel devastating.
    • Not being chosen for a starting position in a game can be a major stressor.

    These scenarios are just the tip of the iceberg, and the feelings associated with them are very real.

    webe kälm is designed to give adults the tools to help teenagers regain their balance collaboratively, without adding to their stress. It can be a go-to resource during tough times. The benefits of fostering a sense of kälm aren't limited to immediate relief but can have lasting positive effects.

    It’s a webe, not a doobie

    Webe kälm is not just another gadget; it's a lifeline for
    instilling calm that benefits all ages. Our mature minds may remind us of similarly shaped items, but we assure you, the child calmer is designed to train children on slow exhalation, not inhalation.

    Cleaning instructions:

    Webe kälm is dishwasher safe in the top rack. Simply remove the indicator with the ball and slide the breathe tube and indicator onto the uprights of the top rack. Let it air dry or heat dry. Wash as needed.

    Therapists can use a UV sterilizer to clean the Webe kälm and all the other oral motor tools they use during sessions.


    How it works

    Step 1:To assemble the webe kälm, start by sliding the indicator tube over the end of the breathe tube until they form a single unit.

    Step 2:Begin by inhaling slowly through your nose, ensuring your lungs are completely filled.

    Step 3:Place the ergonomic mouthpiece of the breathe tube against your lips and exhale gradually into the tube. You will see the ball on the indicator rise when you are exhaling the correct amount of air.

    Step 4:Maintain the ball's elevation by exhaling for a number of seconds that corresponds to the child's age. For instance, a 7-year-old should aim to exhale for 7 seconds, while children aged 10 and older should strive for 10 seconds.

    Repeat Step 4 until your child can perform it continuously for the recommended duration five times in a row. As their system becomes more regulated, observe how calm your child becomes. Use this technique as needed.

    Many parents are turning to this approach because they understand the importance of helping their children regain balance. We all experience times when our kids are a bit off-kilter and want to guide them towards a sense of calm.

    Using this method reactively means addressing immediate challenges and moments of dysregulation, similar to taking Tylenol for a headache that has already started. While applying webe kalm in response to these situations can provide instant relief, it is much like treating symptoms without preventing future issues. Just as you keep Tylenol on hand for potential pain, having webe kalm readily available is crucial not only for moments of distress but also for proactive use.

    Proactive use involves implementing strategies to address or mitigate issues before they become problems. When it comes to fostering calmness, it's akin to giving your nervous system a gentle "massage" through techniques like deep exhalation, mindful focus, and sound regulation. Much like nourishing your body with essential nutrients, incorporating the webe kalm consistently throughout the day provides calming signals that build a stable foundation of tranquility. Just as you don't wait until you're extremely hungry to eat, using the webe kalm at key times—such as upon waking, before meals, and before bedtime—helps maintain a steady sense of calm.

    This approach not only conditions the nervous system for comfort but also creates muscle memory for an easier return to calmness when needed. Think of it as investing in a "calmness savings account," ensuring that you have a reserve of serenity available whenever you need to draw from it.

    Understanding some basic medical physiology can unlock the secret to effective breathing techniques, as there's a substantial amount of science behind them.

    Breathing is one of three key pathways that activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes calm and relaxation. This system is a network of nerves responsible for helping your body unwind after stressful or dangerous situations. webe kälm employs three powerful methods to stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system: slow and extended exhalation, visual focus, and auditory regulation through white noise.

    Webe kälm is designed to be a child calmer that activates all three pathways in unison, working synergistically to regulate the nervous system.

    For more information, delve into the scientific principles behind it.

    For an in-depth exploration, check out the detailed explanation of the science behind webe kälm. For a brief overview, there are several pathways that help us achieve calmness. webe kälm integrates three of these pathways seamlessly into one tool designed to soothe the parasympathetic nervous system. This innovative, patent-pending method uniquely guides individuals on how to discover their kälm.

    Use positive language that avoids stimulating shame in "needing" it:

    "We found this cool, new tool that kids and their parents are really enjoying to feel more relaxed in their bodies, and I was wondering if you would be open to trying it and telling me how you feel after using it?"

    When dealing with younger kids, it's common to catch ourselves shouting "calm down" when they are upset. Similarly, we might just tell them, "go use your webe!" without much thought.

    As a parent, if you can view the webe kälm as a tool for managing tantrums, bedtime disruptions, or crying episodes, a gentle suggestion like the one below can often be effective:

    "I can tell you are upset and I'm having trouble understanding what you are trying to tell me. Let's use the webe to relax your mind first so I can better understand what you are telling me."

    webe kalm the child calmer on a night stand purple lamp


    Product related questions

    No, webe kälm comes in one size that suits all age groups. Its ergonomic mouthpiece is designed to provide a comfortable experience for users of any age.

    The different age sections on our website don't refer to variations in the product itself, but are intended to resonate with you as a parent. These sections are tailored to align with your child's specific developmental stage, whether they are a teenager or a four-year-old.

    Webe kälm is made from antimicrobial plastic that is free from BPA and phthalates. This ensures the utmost hygiene and safety standards for their customers. Additionally, their products are dishwasher and UV safe, making cleaning simple and convenient.

    When cleaning webe kälm in the dishwasher, place it upright on the top rack. You can either use the dishwasher's drying cycle or let it air dry. It is advisable to clean webe kälm at least once a week, though you may need to adjust the frequency based on usage. For those who use it frequently, cleaning several times a week might be preferred. The anti-microbial plastic used for webe kälm helps prevent the growth of harmful organisms.


    The breathing tube is designed to fit easily into your pocket or purse for discreet use, allowing you to use it without the indicator. Using the breathing tube involves the first pathway through gentle, extended exhalation. Keep your visual focus steady by fixing your gaze on a stable point ahead. Although the patented white noise generation necessitates attaching the indicator, activating two out of three pathways still provides significant benefits for those who prefer to remain inconspicuous.

    During use, moisture may build up in the breathing tube, especially when children are very upset and exhale forcefully. This is why the device is crafted from antimicrobial plastics and is dishwasher safe. Accumulating moisture in the indicator and breathing tube after use is entirely normal. To dry it, detach the indicator tube from the breathing tube and let it air dry—this process usually takes around 4 minutes.

    The creators of webe kalm are the New York Times best selling authors Drs. Matt and Alona, based in the United States. This product has earned international acclaim from reviewers, and their mission is to promote global unity in addressing communication barriers during challenging times. With a focus on reaching a worldwide audience, the company has chosen to manufacture webe kälm in China, providing a central hub to effectively carry out its mission across the globe.

    By wearing this bracelet, you become part of the webe kälm community. It provides a safe space to find support and encourages you to motivate others to use their webe kälm during difficult times, promoting unity and balance. Sharing your bracelet with more people expands your support network. Our aim is to ensure that everyone is focused on overcoming their challenges together, hand in hand.

    webe kalm in a pouch in a brown bowl