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  • Pop Tubes Pack of 6

     Ages 3 years+

    Unlock the endless vortex of fun with our Pop Tubes! These colourful, versatile tubes are more than just a fidget toy; they're a bundle of joy that can stretch, connect, and pop, providing a sensory experience that both children and adults will adore.

    Who is it for?

    • The Spirited Kiddo: Keep those little hands busy and minds engaged for hours!
    • The Sensory Seeker: Ideal for those who crave sensory feedback they can see, feel, and hear.
    • The Fidget Fanatic: Whether you're spinning, popping, or stretching, it's a fidget must-have.
    • The Caring Therapist: A tool that makes learning and development a playful quest.

    Come on, join the pop party! Search for Pop Tubes and get ready for a blast. Add the Pop Tubes Pack of 6 to your sensory collection today and pop into a world of tactile exploration and auditory delight! And if you'd like to add some visual stimulation in, check out our luminous pop tubes

    Pop Tubes Key Features:
    • Stretchy Fun: Watch in awe as these tubes expand up to 4 times their original length! Create all kinds of shapes, or link them together for even more excitement.
    • Pleasing Pops: Delight in the satisfying pop sounds as you stretch and compress them. It's sensory feedback that’s music to your ears!
    • Whistle Away: When fully stretched, twirl them around and hear them whistle – it’s like having your very own sound tube orchestra at arm’s length!
    • Tactile Treats: With a unique texture and flexibility, Pop Tubes offer a hands-on experience that enhances your fine motor skills and tactile stimulation.
    • Super Strong: These Pop Tubes are designed to last, made with durable materials that can handle being bent and twisted into all sorts of fun.
    • Water-Friendly Fun: Waterproof and easy to clean, these toys can join in during bath time or get mixed with other sensory substances for a different kind of playtime.

    Perfect for children who seek sensory input, fidgeters who need to keep their hands moving or therapists looking to address fine motor skills, the Pop Tubes are as educational as they are enjoyable. Sure, they’re not the quietest for a library setting, but they're amazing for active playtimes! Connect several tubes together for giant loop-de-loops or long chains that stretch across the room. With our Pop Tubes Pack of 6, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.