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  • Magnetic Balls and Rods 108 Piece Construction Pack

    Ages 3 years+

    Experience the joy of building incredible structures with our Magnetic Balls and Rods Construction Set! Our magnetic toys offer a safe way for children to explore magnetism. The oversized pieces are designed specifically for young kids to handle as they learn about magnetic attraction and repulsion. Older children can have fun constructing towers, bridges, and more.

    Why we love Kebo's Magnetic Balls and Rods 108 Piece Construction Pack:

    Limitless Possibilities: Our magnetic balls and rods can be used in endless ways to create different shapes and structures. Children can choose from curved and straight rods with various lengths and let their imagination run wild while planning intricate designs with our dazzling pastel colours. From 2D structures like letters and numbers to 3D creations like animals and towers, the possibilities are truly endless.

    Grows with your child: Our versatile Magnetic Balls and Rods Construction Set 108 Piece Pack is expertly designed to adapt and grow with your child.  As a high quality open ended magnetic toy, this set can be enjoyed for years to come. Toddlers can start with simple structures such as geometrical shapes, while older kids will build more complex 3D creations, and even combine this set with a magnetic tile pack for the ultimate building experience. This high-quality magnetic toy will provide years of enjoyment.

    STEM Learning:  Parents will notice that this magnetic construction set immediately appeals to a toddler’s senses of sight and touch.  In addition to the joy of clicking pieces together and pulling them apart as magnetic magic is discovered, toddlers pick up quite a few benefits during play.

    Encouraging open-ended play and STEM learning, our magnetic construction set elevates playtime, sparks creativity, and embarks children on a journey of limitless building fun. This set is the perfect way for kids to learn about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).  From learning colours, sorting, counting, these sticks and balls are perfect for stimulating and nurturing kids’ patience, fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and problem-solving and logical thinking skills.

    Safe materials: Kebo’s magnetic toys are renowned for their exceptional quality and adherence to international safety standards.  Crafted from safe and sturdy food-grade ABS plastic, our magnetic construction sets are manufactured to endure and provide a secure play experience for children. Choose quality and safety with our Kebo magnetic constructions sets.

        About this product:
        • Weight: 1.6 kg
        • Dimensions: 31 x 22 x 15 cm
        • Idea booklet and storage box included