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  • Lion Hand Puppet

    Ages 3 years+

    Unleash the Roar of Imagination with our Lion Hand Puppet - the ultimate playtime companion for your little one! Designed to captivate the hearts of children and educators alike, this furry friend is not just a puppet, it's the key to unlocking your child's developmental potential.

    Product Details: 

      • Weight: 104 grams
      • Height: 25 cm
      • Moveable mouth
      • Care: hand wash only with warm soapy water
    Lion Hand Puppet Key Features:

    🦁 Engaging Fun for Kids: With its friendly face and plush mane, our lion puppet is perfect for capturing the attention of toddlers and children, making playtime both educational and wildly fun.

    🦁 Versatile Play: Ideal for a variety of activities—from staging delightful puppet shows to engaging in interactive teaching sessions—our lion hand puppet is a versatile tool that adapts to any situation, be it in a classroom or a living room jungle.

    🦁 Developmental Support: Beyond its cuddly exterior, this puppet is a stealthy developmental aid, supporting fine motor skills, language development, and social interaction, all while fostering a love for storytelling.

    🦁 Social & Emotional Growth: Kids will not only roar with laughter but also learn valuable lessons on expressing emotions and social cues through interactive play.

    🦁 Movable Large Mouth: Unlike other puppets with limited mouth movement, our lion hand puppet comes with a fully operational mouth, making it ideal for dentist and toothbrushing pretend play, as well as for showcasing speech therapy exercises in a fun and engaging way.

    🦁 Designed for Comfort: Thoughtfully constructed for larger hands too, this puppet is ideal for both adult and child puppeteers, ensuring everyone can join in on the fun.

    Lion Open Mouth Puppet Benefits:

        • Encourages creative pretend play, boosting imagination and creativity.
        • Assists in developing fine motor skills such as finger isolation and coordination.
        • Enhances language skills and storytelling, a fundamental component of early education.
        • Reinforces social skills and emotional understanding in a playful environment.
        • Acts as an exceptional educational tool for teachers and therapists.

    Perfect for educators looking to bring lessons to life, therapists facilitating social-emotional learning, or parents seeking an entertaining way to teach and bond with their children, our Lion Hand Puppet is a must-have. Stepping out as a budget-friendly alternative to the Folkmanis hand puppets, this open-mouth puppet may not mimic every minute detail of a real lion, but it excels in both quality and functionality

    Elevate playtime to an educational adventure with our lovable Lion Hand Puppet. Ideal for gifts, parties, or just a regular day filled with imaginative play. Order yours today and watch your little one's stories come alive!