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  • 50 Emotion Activities Flash Cards - Junior Learning

    Ages 4 – 8+ years

    50 Emotions Activities is a card game from Junior Learningdesigned to help children learn and identify emotions in a fun and engaging way. Ideal for kids, parents, and educators, this game turns emotional learning into an exciting adventure.

    50 Emotions Activities Key Features:

    • Front Side provides:
      • Teaching objectives
      • Resources needed
      • Step-by-step procedures
    • Back Side provides colourful visual examples of each activity.

    Benefits of playing 50 Emotions Activities:

    • Enhanced Emotional Vocabulary: Children expand their emotional vocabulary through interactive tasks such as art, music, dance, acting, and group work.
    • Improved Emotional Expression: The game helps children learn how to express their emotions effectively.
    • Effective Self-Calming Techniques: Kids acquire new skills to manage and calm their emotions, fostering better emotional health.

    Why Choose 50 Emotions Activities?

    • Engaging and Fun: The colourful visuals and diverse activities make learning about emotions enjoyable for children.
    • Educational Value: Perfect for use at home or in the classroom, this game supports emotional development and social learning.
    • Versatile Use: Suitable for individual or group play, ensuring every child can benefit from the activities.

    Help the children in your life discover the world of emotions with 50 Emotions Activities. Whether you're a parent looking to bond with your child or an educator wanting to enhance your classroom experience, this game is an invaluable resource.

    Get started today and watch kids learn to identify, express, and manage their emotions confidently and easily!

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