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  • Ark Z Vibe Brush Tip

    Take dental care to a whole new level with Ark’s Z Vibe Brush Tips. Ideal for speech pathologists, caregivers and parents wanting to help children create good oral habits early on in life, these unique brush tips are a great addition to any dental care routine. These tips feature durable and non-toxic bristles designed for both delicate gum massage and firm brushing.

    The Soft Brush Tip (blue) features pliable bristles specifically designed for gentle gum massage; its soft texture is best suited for helping develop mouth muscles and brushing sensitivity. Meanwhile, the Hard Brush Tip (yellow) has firmer bristles that can provide more stimulation than toothbrush brushes—perfect if you’re trying to slowly transition your child from the Z-Vibeor Z-Grabber handle (sold separately) into a regular toothbrush! When used with vibration from the Z-Vibe, both tips can provide soothing proprioceptive input to the tongue, cheeks, palate, and lips.

    ARK’s brush tips are safe on teeth making them perfect for use by any age group as well as individuals who have sensory issues. Ark Therapeutic understand how difficult it can be to help kids build positive oral hygiene habits while also providing therapeutic support—which is why their brush tips are at the heart of successful sensory routines.

    • Made in the USA, medical grade, FDA compliant
    • No lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex
    • Each tip measures approximately 12.7 mm in diameter and 57.15 mm in length
    • Each tip is sold individually - choose your option from the pull-down menu above
    • Dishwasher safe
    • To be used with the Z-Vibe or Z-Grabber handle (sold separately)