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  • 6 Comprehension Games - Junior Learning

    Ages 6 – 9+ years

    This set of 6Comprehension Games by Junior Learning is designed to teach reading comprehension in a fun and interactive way.

    6 Comprehension Games Key Features:

    Designed for kids ages 6 to 9+  years (year 2 – 3) , ensuring the content is both age-appropriate and challenging.

    ·       Variety of Games: This set includes 2 board games, 2 matching games, and 20 sentence puzzles, making learning diverse and interesting.

    ·       Educational Focus: Each game is crafted to enhance comprehension with questions and sentences, helping kids understand and apply the meaning of words in different contexts.

    ·       Self-Correcting Elements: Every game in the set features self-correcting elements, allowing children to verify their answers and learn from their mistakes independently.

    ·       Comprehensive Game Guide: Comes with a detailed game guide that includes clear instructions, making it easy for parents and teachers to facilitate the learning process.

    ·       Promotes Collaboration: Encourages teamwork and cooperative learning, as students work together to solve puzzles and complete activities.

    The 6 games include:

    • 2 board games: Why Questions; What’s the Answer?
    • 2 matching games: Fact or Opinion; Reading for Meaning
    • 20 sentence puzzles: Inference Puzzles; Sentence Completion
    •  Die and Counters
    • Game guide with instructions

    Whether you're a parent looking to support your child's literacy development at home or a teacher aiming to make your reading lessons more dynamic, "6 Comprehension Games" is the perfect tool. It combines the joy of play with the rigour of educational content, ensuring that children learn and enjoy the process.

    Help your child or student become a confident reader and thinker with "6 Comprehension Games" – where learning meets fun!

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