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  • Touchable Bubbles

    Ages 3 years+

    Introducing a groundbreaking twist on a classic childhood delight – Touchable Bubbles. This innovative product transcends the realm of traditional bubble play, offering an immersive sensory experience that captivates both children and adults alike. Ideal for tactile defensive children, sensory play enthusiasts, therapists, and parents, Touchable Bubbles presents a unique opportunity to explore, learn, and bond in an exciting new way.

    Touchable Bubbles Key Features

    💨 Touchable Magic: Unlike ordinary bubbles that pop upon contact, these remarkable bubbles stay intact even when touched. This feature provides a mesmerizing experience, allowing you to catch, stack, and play with bubbles like never before.

    💨 Sensory Play Enhanced: Specially formulated with an advanced polymer, Touchable Bubbles offer a superb tactile experience, perfect for sensory play and developing fine and gross motor skills.

    💨 Long-lasting Fun: Designed to float longer in the air, these bubbles give you the time to watch them drift and land without bursting, ready to be caught and explored.

    💨 Safe and Non-Toxic: Ensuring a worry-free playtime, these bubbles are made with non-toxic ingredients, suitable for children and adults to enjoy.

    Each tube contains 35 mls of bubble solution and one bubble blowing wand.

    Benefits of Touchable Bubbles Play

    • Oral and Motor Skills Development: Enhances oral skills through the fun activity of blowing bubbles and fine motor skills as children learn to gently catch and stack them.
    • Hand-Eye Coordination: Aids in the development of hand-eye coordination as children aim to catch these floating wonders.
    • Visual Tracking Improvement: Watching these bubbles float and land helps improve visual tracking abilities.
    • Gross Motor Skills Activation: Encourages active play as children run, jump, and reach out to capture these enchanting bubbles.
    • Fine Motor Skills Practice: Offers a gentle challenge to young hands as they grasp and manipulate the wand and bubbles.
    • Body Awareness and Social Skills: Promotes body awareness and social interaction as children play and share this unique experience with others.
    • Calming Effect: Acts as a soothing activity that can help calm and relax children, enhancing their ability to focus and process sensory information.

    Touchable Bubbles stand out from traditional bubbles with their ability to withstand touch, offering an unparalleled interactive sensory experience. These bubbles not only provide entertainment but also serve as a tool for sensory development and social interaction, making them a hit for parties, gatherings, or quiet afternoons in the garden.

    Tips for Optimal Enjoyment

    For the best touchable bubble experience, we recommend playing outdoors on calm days to avoid wind interference. Give the bubbles a moment to develop their unique sticky coating in the air - once they gain a milky gloss, they're ready to be caught and played with. Note that these bubbles have a sticky consistency when popped, adding to the sensory fun. Do not drink, avoid contact with eyes.