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    Sterling Silver Windmill Spin Ring Adjustable

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    Combining the luminous qualities of sterling silver, enamel, and cubic zircon, this spinny ring is excellent for any season and will complement your outfits, whether sporty or elegant.

    When you feel anxious or stressed, spin the colored windmill on your ring for a few minutes to restore a sense of calmness & inner peace. The fidgeting ring will distract your mind from anxious thoughts, and no one will know that this beautiful piece of jewellery is an anxiety ring.

    Our rings that spin are not only for people who suffer from anxiety or ADHD. Most of us perform at our best when we have something to fidget with. So oftentimes, we mindlessly fidget with paper clips, click pens or play with our hair while working on studying. This spinning ring is great while working on the computer, and you can fidget without taking your hands from the keyboard.

    This spinny ring weighs only 1.5 g and is made of sterling silver. The windmill blades are plated with enamel and have a beautiful zircon stone in the center. It makes an inspired gift for a teenager or young adult. Being resizable, you don’t have to know one’s ring size or worry that your picked size will not fit. So buy our rings that spin today.

    • Product details:

      Materials: 925 sterling silver, enamel, cubic zircon

      Item Weight: 1.5 g