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  • Learning Resources Sight Words Swat! Board Game

     1 - 4 players, ages 5 years+

    Introducing Sight Words Swat from Learning Resources, the ultimate game for fast reading skills! This super simple game for primary school kids has 5 colour-coded levels of play.

    The Sight Words Swat is a game for building speed and confidence with identifying sight words. An adult calls out a word, and it's up to the children to spot that word on a flying card and swat it with a fly swatter. Talk about quick thinking and hand-eye coordination! The first one to swat the matching word gets to keep the card. Collect the most cards and become the ultimate swatter champion!

    But it's not just about winning - this game is all about fun and engagement. Kids love the physical aspect of swatting those pesky flies, and Sight Words Swat is a perennial favourite for a reason. It's a great way to keep your child engaged while giving them the repetition they need to master those sight words. Plus, swatting it's the perfect outlet for their boundless energy when they're feeling a little wiggly. 

    Learning opportunities: word recognition, hand-eye coordination, vocabulary building, problem-solving, following directions

    Sight Words Swat features:

    🔵 Includes: 110 double-sided sight word flies (printed with the top 220 Dolch sight words, which are a selection of words found most frequently in children’s books) and 4 colourful swatters

    🔵 Learning Style: Visual, Tactile, Auditory