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  • Preschooler Felt Busy Book 8 Pages

    Age 3+years

    Prepare to be dazzled by our magical busy books. With interactive elements, puzzles, and sensory exploration, our busy books take learning to a whole new level delivering a well-rounded learning experience that will blow young minds away.

    Featuring 8 activity pages, this busy book is the lighter version of the blue Preschooler Felt Busy Book that contains 10 pages. This sensory book is a powerful educational tool that boosts cognitive development and introduces crucial concepts and skills.

    Enhancing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities, this book introduces numeracy and literacy concepts through play. Say hello to a thrilling and immersive learning experience that sets the foundation for future academic success.

    Join the thousands of kids enjoying the developmental benefits of our busy books.

    Key Development Areas:

    🎯 Foster creative play and imagination, encouraging children to explore, discover, and solve problems.

    🎯 Develop fine motor skills and life skills through fun activities, such as buttoning, zipping, and lacing.

    🎯 Increase attention span and focus while providing a sense of accomplishment as children complete each page.

    🎯 Enhance hand-eye co-ordination and utilise finger isolation with interactive elements.

    🎯 Provide sensory experiences that enhance a child's understanding of cause and effect.

    🎯 Introduce pre-reading and pre-math skills, as well as understanding of basic geometry concepts such as shape, size.

    🎯 Boost cognitive development with interactive activities that require logic, imagination, memory, and vocabulary.


    Three activity pages from a busy book: letters, shapes, puzzle on turquoise background

    Sensory Book Features:

    ✔️ 2 fixed pages for fine-motor skills development (book covers) and 3 removable pages with activities

    ✔️ Contains 8 activities: fine-motor toys, alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes, puzzle, doodle pad, 2 markers with erasers

    ✔️ Features a handle

    ✔️ Size: 28 cm x 23 cm x 4 cm

    ✔️ Weight: 410 grams

    ✔️ Materials: felt





    Three activity pages from a sensory book: colours, numbers, doodle board on a turquoise background


    Why parents love our preschooler busy book:

    💗 The perfect toy that keeps on giving - Our busy books are the ultimate investment because they grow right alongside your child. Just unzip and remove the inner pages for the little ones, leaving behind a cover full of awesome features like buttons, zippers, and shoelaces. And when your child is ready, the more complex pages can be added back in for creative play and problem-solving.


    💗 Even the experts approve - Speech pathologists and occupational therapists across Australia use our sensory books to help children reach their developmental goals. Trust the experts!


    💗 Lightweight and portable - Kids love to carry things around, and our busy books are designed to be easily transported. Whether it's for a toddler's little hands or thrown into a handbag, they won't take up too much space and provide hours of entertainment.


    Info graphic with Caucasian mother and daughter playing with a busy book at a table


    💗 Perfect for family travel - Say goodbye to screens and hello to our sensory books. They're the ultimate companion for long car rides, plane trips, restaurants or waiting rooms. Your child will be entertained and engaged wherever they go.


    💗 The ultimate gift for kids between 2 and 5 years old - Our Montessori-inspired busy books make a one-of-a-kind and thoughtful gift for both boys and girls. They're not your average gift, they're unique and thoughtful and will last them for years to come.


    💗 Safe and non-toxic - Our sensory books have no small parts. They are crafted from stain-resistant felt that's naturally safe for kids. Just watch out for oil-based stains.


    💗 Cleanup is a breeze - Life happens, but cleaning up our books is as easy as it gets. Felt washes like a dream with just some soapy warm water, and it won't shrink either.