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    Portable Sensory Countdown Timer 60 minutes

    Introducing the smaller version of our bestselling Classroom Timer in a size that's portable and easy to use anywhere—from your office desk to the kitchen counter. This 60-minute visual timer is designed to help kids visually track the passage of time. Perfect for work, school, and home, it takes the stress out of time management and makes every moment count. Parents, therapists, specialists, and professionals of all kinds love using our visual countdown timer to support individuals of all ages and abilities.

    Why we love this small time timer:

    ⏲️ Portable, fits easily in a hand bag or laptop carry bag

    ⏲️ No loud ticking

    ⏲️ Glare-free lens protects the red disk for clear visibility

    ⏲️ Reduce conflicts in family and household routines

    ⏲️ Manage the stress of transitions by visually showing "how much longer"

    ⏲️ Easy-to-read numbers

    ⏲️ It  can be used for timing any interval: as a timer for 60 minutes or timer for 5 min and anything in between

    ⏲️ An on/off switch for the audible alert, for any time you need to hear the beep or prefer silence.

    Don't miss out on the best tool for managing time and routines at home, school, or the clinic. Get your Sensory Countdown Timer today!


    • Dimensions: 78 mm x 78 mm x 48 mm
    • One AA battery is required for operation (not included).