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    Moving Sand Art Sand Art Sandscapes

     ages 10 years+

    Indulge in a mental vacation with this mesmerizing moving sand art! Watch as light, dark, and glittery golden sand transform into captivating scenes of deserts, mountains, clouds, oceans, and more. It's like having a blissful, ever-changing work of art right in your home or office. Not only does this sand sculpture bring a relaxing atmosphere and relieve stress, but it's also just so cool!           

    Place the moving sand art on a shelf or table, give the glass ring a spin, and prepare to be amazed as the sand gracefully shifts and swirls into different landscapes. The beauty and patterns are endless, making this unique decor a standout piece for the bookshelf, desk, bench etc.

    Why do we love the Moving Sand Art?

    It brings peace and joy: As the sand gracefully shifts, thesand art sandscapes create a dynamic scene reminiscent of a faraway landscape. It's a constant source of serenity and wonder.
    Timeless and tranquil: Let thesand art sandscapes transport you to a magical place, far away from the ordinary. It's a timeless piece of art that you'll always enjoy watching.
    Amazingly sensory and calming: Watch as the sand slowly falls, creating mesmerizing scenes with each passing moment. It's a therapeutic experience that will help you de-stress.
    Endless beauty: Once your sculpture is complete, just flip the circle and a whole new landscape will unfold before your eyes. It's like having an ever-evolving masterpiece right in your home.
    More flexible than most: Unlike others, the round sand art section is not secured into the frame and can be freely rotated, allowing for endless possibilities of movement and expression.
    Generous size: The round section (without the stand included) measures 17.5 cm in diameter. So if you're after a large moving sand art in Australia, you've come to the right place.

    Buy your moving sand art in Australia today! It makes an excellent gift for any occasion.

    Important: The clear screen is made of glass and should be kept out of reach of young children or those who are likely to be rough with it. Not suitable for under 10 years of age.