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  • Montessori Wooden Bolt Screwdriver Board ETA July 24th

    Age 3 years+

    Do your children like to use real tools, connect things, screw and unscrew things or join things together? If so they might enjoy using a screwdriver nuts and bolts board. 

    Designed with Montessori principles in mind, this set is packed with real tools that will bring their imagination to life. Not only will it entertain them for hours, but it also encourages problem-solving skills in the real world.

    We introduced this board to our son when he was just 2 and a half, and he still can't get enough of it at 4 years old. Many children will also enjoy twisting and winding the screws in with their fingers. Just keep an eye out for small parts - supervision is a must!

    Our wooden Montessori board features a screwdriver, a wrench and Allen keys, t-nuts, bolts, and screws. But what makes it extra cool is the wrist action required to use the screwdriver - it's a fine motor skill workout like no other. Plus, it helps prepare their hands for writing.

    While this is a fantastic activity for developing fine motor skills, the Montessori screwdriver board also promotes concentration and focus. Plus, we love that it also allows children to use real tools that they can later apply to real-world situations.

    So, if you want to keep your kids entertained, engaged, and ready for the future, the Montessori screwdriver board is the way to go.

    The Montessori Nuts and Bolts Board can help develop:

    🎯 Muscles of the wrists and fingers

    🎯 The pincer grasp

    🎯Fine motor skills 

    🎯 Visual discrimination

    🎯 Hand-eye coordination

    🎯 Bilateral coordination - both hands working together

    🎯 Dexterity

    🎯 Problem-solving skills

    🎯 Persistence

    🎯 Independence

    🎯 Self-satisfaction & self-esteem

    What’s Included in our Montessori Wooden Screw Board?
    • Wooden excavator
    • 2 Allen keys
    • Screwdriver
    • Wrench
    • 12 various screws
    Montessori Screwdriver Board Features:
    • Dimensions (packed): 23 cm x 17 cm x 4 cm
    • Weight: 560 grams
    • Material: sustainably harvested wood, nontoxic water-based paint
    • Smooth surface and rounded corners

    Note: this toy contains small parts. Adult supervision is required at all times.