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Play & Learn
  • Luminous Pop Tubes Pack of 6

     Ages 3 years+

    lluminate playtime and inspire creativity with our Luminous Pop Tubes – the perfect pack of 6 stretchable, glow-in-the-dark sensory toys that spark joy in every twist and turn. These vibrant wonders are not just toys but gateways to developmental support, especially designed for kids and sensory play enthusiasts who crave engaging experiences.

    Luminous Pop Tubes Key Features:
    • Flexibility for developmental play
    • Bright colours for visual stimulation
    • Built-in LED glow feature
    • Ideal for parties and nighttime
    • Durable, BPA-free for safe use
    • Batteries included

    Important: this fidget toy contains electronic components and small batteries. Not suitable for children under 3 years old and for water play.  

    Unleash the Shine with Every Stretch

    Extensive flexibility is at the heart of these captivating pop tubes. Bend, stretch, and connect them to create a spectrum of inventive structures. Your kids' coordination and motor skills come into play in an exciting display of colour and movement.

    Neon Brilliance for a Visual Feast

    Crafted to catch the eye, our neon-coloured pop tubes are a hit for those looking to add a splash of colour to their playtime. These brilliant hues are perfect for enticing visual sensory seekers tall and wide.

    Mesmerizing Glow Powered by LED

    Embedded with LED technology, our pop tubes do more than just pop – they glow! Watch as every twist ignites a luminous show perfect for dim rooms or nighttime extravaganzas.

    The Life of Every Party

    Make birthday bashes unforgettable or add pizzazz to your thematic events with these pop tubes. They're wonderful as twinkling decorations, party favours, or as interactive activities that everyone can enjoy.

    Dreamy Nighttime Companions

    Safe and comforting, these friendly glow-in-the-dark tubes double as whimsical bedtime companions that provide a gentle, soothing light for the young and the restless.

    Crafted for Safe Play

    Committed to safety and quality, our pop tubes are made with durable, BPA-free plastic. They stand up to enthusiastic play while supporting developmental gains and sensory exploration.

    Touch, Twist, Play, Learn

    Beyond being mere fun toys, these luminous tubes serve as an excellent Occupational Therapy tool, catering to children with a need for special education or sensory processing support. They can be fiddled with, twisted, or turned into a kaleidoscope of funky shapes, boosting confidence and sprucing up therapy sessions.

    Discover the ultimate blend of fun, function, and fabulous flair with our Luminous Pop Tubes. Whether it’s for occupational therapy assistance or just pure play, these glow-in-the-dark pop tubes are here to brighten the day and the night!

    Tag your play with novelty and excitement – add our Luminous Pop Tubes to your toy collection today and watch the endless joy unfold! And if you like water play, check out the classic Pop Tubes here.