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  • Lava Drop Liquid Timer

     Ages 4 years+

    Prepare to be captivated! This Lava Drop Liquid Timer is an absolute visual treat. When the vibrant colours blend together and gracefully separate as they descend, you'll be mesmerized.

    Not only are these timers visually stunning, but they also serve as a fantastic tool for both sensory stimulation and time management. They take approx. 1 minute from start to finish.

     Available in three vibrant colour combinations - green/pink, blue/green, and pink/blue – these liquid timers stand at a perfect 14 cm tall.

    Our Lava Drop Liquid Timer boasts a multitude of therapeutic benefits:

    ✨ Use it as a fun way to time activities, like brushing teeth. It adds an element of playfulness and helps set a time limit on completing tasks. 

    ✨ Reward yourself with a calming sensory experience after successfully finishing an activity. 

    ✨ Find tranquillity during overwhelming moments of sensory overload.

    ✨ Get your mind off sensory overload by indulging in the delightful distraction these timers provide.

    ✨ Experience anxiety relief thanks to the soothing effect of the rhythmic drops.

    ✨ Engage in visual tracking as you watch the oil droplets flow down the ramps - will the colours finish at the same pace? Which one will reach the bottom first?

    Crafted from sturdy, hard plastic, these liquid timers can withstand the occasional bump. However, please handle with care and avoid throwing or dropping them on hard surfaces. While this product meets safety standards, if it does break, be cautious not to ingest any of the contents.

    Available in the 4 colour combinations pictured, let us know in the order notes in the cart if you have a particular favourite.

     Measurements: 14cm high x 6 cm wide

    Timers last for approximately 1 minute