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  • Kazoo - Classic American

    This simple, yet effective, whistle helps those with velo-pharyngeal insufficiency, voice disorders, and fluency disorders achieve their goals. The Kazoo is a fun tool that helps transition oral airflow into easy-onset vocalizations. For example, teaching a child to produce “s” versus “z”.

    The best way to play the Kazoo is to hum into it. It will make no sound if you blow into it with the lips closed around the mouthpiece. Vibrating air from one’s lungs by humming into the instrument will produce sounds. Increase the amount of airflow and you’ll get a louder sound.

    Get creative – try different syllables like “doo”, “who”, “brrr” and “rrr” to make even more sounds. Plus, you’ll even get sensory input from the vibrations transferring to your lips. How cool is that?

    The Kazoo can be easily cleaned with soapy water. Just be careful to remove the round top section and the cellophane disc underneath it before washing. Reattach after drying the instrument.

    Colours and styles may vary slightly - colours selected randomly. 

    Recommended for ages 3 and up.