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  • Kanoodle Brain Twisting Puzzle Game

     1 player, ages 7 - Adult

    Are you and your family ready for a game-changing experience? Look no further than Educational Insights' Kanoodle Brain Twisting Puzzle!

    With 200 puzzle configurations, you can spend hours constructing caboodles of 2-D puzzle or 3-D pyramids with the colourful balls. This innovative brain twisting solitaire game is easy enough for kids and challenging enough for adults.

    Kanoodle Brain Twisting Puzzle Game includes:        

    • 12 puzzle pieces
    • 200 puzzle challenges
    • 2 Brain-twisting solitaire games
    • 48-page illustrated puzzle book
    • carrying case

    How to Play:

    1. Choose a challenge from the included booklet.
    2. Select the connected pieces you think you'll need to create that challenge.
    3. Reconstruct the puzzle to complete the challenge.

      Why we loveEducational Insights’ Kanoodle Brain Twisting Game with 200 Puzzles:

      🟠 Independent Play -  it’s about strategy and special reasoning. It helps kids maintain focus for long periods of time while developing critical thinking skills.

      🟠 Progressive Play -  as kids progress through the game, the levels get increasingly difficult, keeping the game going and kids entertained for hours on end. The game helps kids gain a real sense of accomplishment as they solve the puzzles one by one and go to the next level.

      🟠 Portable - one of Kanoodle's greatest strengths is its portability. It's completely self-contained in a compact design, which means it's super easy to take with you on your next vacation. Whether you're stuck waiting in the airport, on a long bus or train ride, or just need a little extra entertainment, Kanoodle is a perfect way to pass the time anywhere!

      🟠 Great for all ages - while Educational Insights recommend this puzzle for kids over 7 years old, the game can be played by younger kids ( age 5+) with assistance for a boost of confidence. Adults love it too because the puzzle only takes a few minutes to complete and keeps them on their toes because the game can be finished differently every time.