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    Jellyfish Sensory Lamp - 35 cm

    Experience the mesmerizing Jellyfish Lamp - a tranquil sensory delight for both kids and adults. Standing at 35 cm tall with a 14cm diameter, this mood lamp is a striking addition to any room, creating a calming atmosphere and aiding in sensory regulation and anxiety management.

    The Jellyfish Lamp offers a variety of sensory options, allowing you to choose from five different colours or enjoy a cycling display of all colours. The realistic movement of the jellyfish inside the lamp further enhances the sensory experience, creating a soothing and peaceful ambience.

    Not only is this lamp a delight to the senses, but it is also the most soothing tool to help with regulation. The experience of watching the jellyfish floating and turning inside the lamp is fascinating. It's especially beneficial for individuals with autism, ADHD, or sensory processing disorders, providing a calm and familiar environment that aids in sensory regulation. Additionally, the sensory experience it provides can help reduce anxiety and foster relaxation, making it an excellent asset to any relaxation or mindfulness regimen.

    For added convenience, the Jellyfish Lamp features an auto turn-off feature after 4 hours. It can assist in getting children to sleep and then automatically turns off to prevent any disturbances.

    Bring serenity in your family with our Jellyfish Lamp, whose quality is second to none. Our lamp has 3 jellyfish, while most of the lamps on the market only have 2. Buy it today and won’t regret it!

    Due to electronics & water, the product is recommended for children ages 8+

    Jellyfish Lamp features:

    ⭕ Dimensions: 35 cm height x 14 cm diameter

    ⭕ 3 jellyfish

    ⭕ USB charging cable

    ⭕5 Colour-changing light effects

    ⭕ 1 year warranty