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  • IQ Stars Travel Game

     1 player, ages 6 - Adult

    Looking for a brain-teaser that will challenge kids and adults alike? Look no further than IQ Stars from Smart Games! Say goodbye to simple picture puzzles and get ready to engage your logical thinking skills, strategic planning, and visual perception.

     In this compact yet addictive game, your mission is to fit all the colourful star-shaped puzzle pieces onto the grid, just like the challenges in the booklet. With 120 different levels to conquer, ranging from easy to expert, IQ Stars is perfect for long car trips or any downtime.

    But don't keep all the brainy fun to yourself! IQ Stars makes for a fun, affordable and unisex gift for children. It's the coolest way to keep them entertained while at a restaurant, on a plane or in a waiting room. A far better alternative than handing over your mobile phone for screen time.

    The game includes a small game board with a transparent lid, seven star-shaped puzzle pieces in different colours, and a booklet with solutions. It's the perfect companion for problem-solving, logic, and concentration improvement.

    Here's what you get with IQ Stars, an award-winning game:

    • Suitable for ages six and up.
    • Made from durable materials for long-lasting fun.
    • Designed for one player to enjoy solo brain time.
    • Simply place the colourful stars on the grid as shown in the challenge booklet.
    • Packed with 120 challenges that will keep you engaged.
    • The game board features a hinged lid, making it ideal for travel.
    • Comes in a sleek Smart Games box for easy storage and gifting.

    How to Play:

    1. Choose a challenge from the included booklet. Place the star puzzle piece(s) as indicated (most challenges show you the position and colour of one or more pieces to help you get started).
    2. Place the remaining puzzle pieces on the game board.
    3. There is only 1 possible solution, shown at the end of the booklet.

    Get ready to put your brain to the ultimate test with IQ Stars from Smart Games.