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    hand2mind Calming Sensory Fidget Tubes Set

     ages 3 years+

    Get kids in touch with their emotions and keep them focused with hand2mind's 4 vibrant Sensory Fidget Tubes. These sealed, easy-to-hold bottles offer mesmerizing movement patterns and provide a quiet solution for restless children. The Getting Started Guide includes 4 engaging activities.

    Why we love the Sensory Fidget Tubes Set from hand2mind :

    ✨ Say goodbye to overstimulation and screens and hello to hands-on fun! These fidget tools provide physical and visual cues to help children navigate big emotions.

    ✨ Each set includes four unique tubes: a calming glitter tube, a fantastic fidget tube, a magical reverse hourglass, and a soothing gravity spinner. There's something for everyone!

    ✨ Safety and durability are top priorities. These study sensory toys are designed to calm and reduce anxiety and stress in both mind and body.

    ✨ Reinforce sensory play. Each child reacts differently to stressful situations, so these sensory fidget tubes offer a variety of experiences. Whether they prefer independent play or practising quiet focus, these tubes are the perfect companion. Not only do they keep hands busy and improve fine motor skills, but they also help with boredom, home self-regulation, and soothing stress. Plus, they promote resilience, teaching kids to respond positively to any challenge that comes their way.

    ✨ Great soothing tool. When kids are feeling upset or stressed, they can focus on the captivating movements within the fidget tubes or the mesmerizing rainbow coil spring. As they slow down their heart rate and take deep breaths synced to the movements, they'll find a sense of calm and mindfulness. With these sensory tools, they'll gain the awareness and ability to manage their emotions like never before.

    Don't wait, buy these calming fun Sensory Fidget Tubes from hand2mind! Help your child feel calmer and manage her emotions better.

    Sensory Fidget Tubes specifications:

    • Dimensions: 7.2 cm (W) x 20.3 cm (H)
    • Material: Plastic
    • Battery: this product does not require batteries
    • Includes 4 sensory tubes and 4 Getting started activities


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