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  • Fine Motor Toy with Wooden Balls and Patterns

    Age 3 years+

    This educational Montessori-style fine motor toy is perfect for toddlers and older children.

    Featuring 77 wooden balls in 7 colours, 7 silicone cups, 10 patterns, a spoon, tweezers, and chopsticks, it is brilliantly designed to engage children in a variety of fun activities that develop fine motor skills and get them ready for a strong pencil grasp!

    Our educational fine motor toy encourages hand-eye coordination, develops visual focusing, colour recognition, critical thinking, memory, and perseverance, develop fine motor skills, creativity and imagination while introducing early numeracy.

    How to make the best out of this amazing educational fine motor toy that grows with your child:

    Colour matching: teach your child the 7 colours and let her place the balls in the matching cups using her hands.

    Fine motor skills and patience: challenge your child to do colour matching using a spoon. And when she has mastered that, bring in the tweezers. And eventually, the chopsticks! It will take time to get to the point where your little one can move the balls using the tweezers or the chopsticks. She can start by holding the balls with one hand and use the tweezers with the other.

    Focus on 2D patterns: grab a card, place it on the baseboard, add the overlay, and watch your child match the pattern using tweezers or chopsticks.

    Imagination with 3D Patterns: once the child can easily construct the patterns on the cards, remove the card from the peg board and encourage her to create 3D patterns with the balls using the chopsticks or the tweezer. She can build pyramids, triangles, and cubes, imagination is the limit.

    Early numeracy:  count the balls as the child puts them in a cup. Make early addition and subtraction concrete by removing balls from a cup and asking your child how many are left.

    The Wooden Balls Pattern Fine Motor Toy can help develop:

    🎯 Hand-eye coordination

    🎯 Fine motor skills

    🎯Focus and concentration

    🎯 Colour recognition

    🎯 Numeracy skills

    🎯 Muscles of the wrists and fingers

    🎯 The pincer grasp

    🎯 Fine motor skills 

    🎯 Visual discrimination

    🎯 Hand-eye coordination

    🎯 Dexterity

    🎯 Problem-solving skills

    🎯 Persistence

    🎯 Independence

    🎯 Self-satisfaction & self-esteem

    What’s Included in this fine motor toy?
    • 77 wooden beads
    • 7 silicone cups
    • Spoon
    • Chopsticks
    • Tweezers
    • 5 double-sided patterns
    • 2 wooden boards
    Multi-function Wooden Balls Pattern Fine Motor Toy Features:
    • Dimensions (packed): 31.5 cm x 19 cm x 6 cm
    • Weight: 680 grams
    • Material: sustainably harvested wood, nontoxic water-based paint 
    • Smooth surface and rounded corners