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  • eeBoo Mistery in the Forest Create a Story Cards

    Ages 3 years+

    In a world where the lines between education and entertainment blur into a whirlwind of fun, the Mistery in the Forest   Create a Story Cards emerge as a beacon of imaginative play. Designed with the young storyteller in mind, these cards are a treasure chest of narrative possibilities, inviting children over age 3, along with their parents, teachers, and therapists, into a realm where every draw is a new adventure and an opportunity to acquire and develop important skills.


    🧚 Encourages open-ended play

    🧚 Nurtures imagination, creativity and critical thinking

    🧚 Stimulate speech, language, sentence and story construction

    🧚 Increases vocabulary

    🧚 Enhances comprehension

    Product details:

    •       Card size: 36 cards, 12 x 9.5cm
    • Instructions card in multiple languages
    • Illustrator: Melissa Sweet
    • Awards: Winner of the Oppenheim Gold Award

    Award-Winning Design

    Winner of the prestigious Oppenheim Gold Award, the Mistery in the ForestCreate a Story Cards are not just any storytelling tool. Illustrated by the talented Melissa Sweet, each card is a canvas of mystery and intrigue, featuring characters and scenes ripe with storytelling potential. From a princess to a pig, and a squirrel with secrets, the ensemble of characters and settings lay the foundation for endless tales of suspense and discovery.

    Mistery in the Forest Create a Story Cards - Features That Inspire:

    🌳 36 Vibrantly Illustrated Cards: Each set includes 36 sturdy cards, larger than your average playing cards, featuring scenes and characters designed to spark imagination and develop speech and language skills.

    🌳 Recurring Characters and Settings: With recurring characters, locations, and props, children are encouraged to link the cards in infinite combinations, ensuring a new story every time the game is played.

    🌳 Open-Ended Play: Whether it's played individually or in a group, the Mistery in the Forest Create a Story Cards offer the freedom to create unique stories without constraints. There's no right or wrong way to play, allowing creativity to soar.

    🌳 Educational Benefits: While immensely fun, these cards also serve as a powerful educational tool, enhancing literacy, vocabulary, and comprehension in young storytellers. It's like schoolwork, but infinitely more enjoyable.

    🌳 Durable and Portable: The cards come in a thick cardboard case with a slide-out box for easy storage, making them both durable and portable. Perfect for on-the-go entertainment or a quiet afternoon at home.

    🌳 Guidance for Play: Included in each pack is an instruction card with play ideas in multiple languages, offering guidance while also encouraging players to explore beyond the suggested activities.

    Not only are theMistery in the Forest Create a Story Cards adored by kids for the worlds they unlock, but they are also cherished by parents, teachers, and therapists as a handy resource. These cards do more than entertain; they ignite laughter, foster imagination, and build the foundation for a lifetime of storytelling.

    eeBoo’s Mistery in the Forest Create a Story Cards await to take you and your young ones on a storytelling voyage filled with imagination, learning, and laughter. Are you ready to create, explore, and discover? The adventure begins with a single draw.

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