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    Detangling Hair Brush

    Introducing our Detangling Hair Brush - the ultimate solution to tackle those tough knots without the discomfort! Designed with an innovative approach, this sensory hair brush contours perfectly to the shape of your scalp, ensuring extra comfort and effortless detangling of both wet and dry hair. Its multi-length combination of bristles gently works through even the toughest of tangles, making it an essential tool for everyone in the family.

    Detangling Hair Brush Key Features:

    • Multi-Length Bristles for effortless detangling from root to tip.
    • Curved Solid Head designed to handle tough hair while being gentle on sensitive scalps.
    • Ergonomic Easy-Grip Handle that moulds to the form of your hand for a comfortable brushing experience.
    • Smooth and Flexible Nylon Bristles to reduce breakage and add shine by distributing natural oils from roots to ends.
    • Lightweight & Durable Design with a non-slip handle, perfect for everyday use.
    • Dimenisions: 24 cm L x 7 cm W

    These detangle hair brushes are suitable for children, adults, and all hair types, making them exceptionally versatile. They are particularly beneficial for autistic individuals and those with sensory issues, providing a gentle yet effective brushing experience. Designed with enticing colours, they encourage kids to manage their hair independently, offering a sense of empowerment and ease to parents.

    Why Choose Our Sensory Hair Brush?

    • Gentle on Scalp: The innovative design and gentle bristles ensure no tugging, ripping, or pulling.
    • Versatile Use: Whether you have short, long, curly, or thick hair, these brushes are perfect for wet or dry use across all hair types.
    • Ideal for Sensitive Users: A perfect sensory hair brush for those with ADHD, sensory issues, or autism, providing a soothing brushing experience.
    • Promotes Healthy Hair: Synthetic bristles are not only gentle but also help in oil distribution from the scalp to the ends of your hair, enhancing shine.

    Make hair brushing a painless and enjoyable routine with our detangle hair brushes. Experience the comfort, ease, and effectiveness of managing your locks, and say goodbye to frustrating hair battles. Perfect for the entire family, this detangling hair brush stands out from competitors by combining functionality, comfort, and a sensory-friendly design. Transform your hair management routine with our detangle hair brushes today and revel in the joy of smooth, detangled hair every day!

    This brush actually works! Try it out and won’t regret it.  

    Due to hygiene reasons this product cannot be returned.