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  • Charades for Kids Board Game

    3 - 6 players, ages 4+

    Get ready for a kids' version of the classic game Charades! No reading is required, just pure fun. With three levels of clues, even the youngest players can participate. Act out a toothbrush, a cat, or a bumblebee. Older kids can tackle simple words and phrases like eating spaghetti or playing guitar. Gather the whole family and see who can guess the charade before time runs out!

    How to play Charades for Kids game:

    🎭 Get ready to play: Shuffle the cards, place them face down, and set the timer and game die in the center. Let the charades begin!

    🎭 Reading is not necessary. The youngest player rolls the die and flips over the top card. Non-readers choose the picture on the card corresponding to the rolled number. To make things even easier for beginners, non-readers can simply pick the card with the matching picture - no die-rolling required!

    🎭 Once the timer starts, it's showtime! Act out the charade to the player on your left. No talking allowed, just actions and noises. Each player gets one guess per turn. If the guess is wrong, it's the next player's turn. The first to guess correctly wins the card. Collect three cards to win the game!

    Learning opportunities: Conceptualising, confidence, speech and language development! That is because charades allow children to think about words in a fun way, and thinking precedes speaking!

    What's in the box: 150 Charades Cards with 450 Charades, Game Die, Sand Timer, Complete Instructions